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It's time to reclaim the family hour.

The major driving force of the family over the past hundred years has been mass entertainment. No, it's true! In the early 20th Century a family would gather about the radio and bond together to their favorite programs. In the mid-20th Century, a family would gather about the television and bond together to their favorite programs. And what happened in the late 20th Century? Everybody got their own computers and they all started looking at the Internet alone, behind closed doors. And now look at society. LOOK AT IT. THE POOR MEDIA COMPANIES DON'T KNOW HOW TO MARKET TO US ANY MORE!!!

So here's what you do. You get one of these Vizio TVs and get it into your home's Wi-Fi. Then you plug in all those other computers and gaming consoles and stuff that you use online. And then you throw out everything not plugged into the TV. And you make your family a family again. Want to shoot Nazis in a video game? Do it as a family. Want to binge watch a whole series on a Saturday? Do it as a family. Before long, you'll all be laughing together as you fuse into a glorious single purchasing entity. And then, at last, we'll all get back to a steady marketing stream once more, instead of this patchwork bits-and-pieces crap we've got now. Seriously, look at the ad on this page right now. It's so bad. You never would have gotten an ad like that watching TV in the 1970s.

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VIZIO 50” Full-Array LED Smart TV
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