Kodak EasyShare 14MP Digital Camera

by wootbot


To use an EasyShare is to be human.

When you buy a Kodak EasyShare, you're not just getting a camera; you're getting a reminder that you are a human being!

Think about it: what is this Kokak if not another device used to document the human experience, the act of which is itself a part of the human experience. Every time you take a picture, you'll essentially be doing what the cavemen did with their cave paintings! Except yours will be 14 megapixel photographs, not some stick figures scribbled on rocks that look like they were drawn by kindergartners. 

Imagine if the cavemen had a Kodak EasyShare! Imagine how much more insight we would have into their way of life! Well, probably very little, actually, because they'd more than likely just try to eat it. But that's another thing about humans; we develop! So, every time you use your EasyShare to take photos, shoot video, or do anything that isn't putting in your mouth, you're basically celebrating mankind's intellectual evolution! 

What we're getting at is, whether or not you buy this isn't just a matter of do you need a camera or not. It's a matter of are you a human being. It's a matter of are you proud to be a part of the greatest species on Earth. It's a matter of do you have what it takes to carry on the traditions of your ancestors.

So, what's it gonna be, Wooters?