Woot-opoly Game

by wootbot

Positively Synapse Micro Street

Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of fun!

Games never accurately simulate the real-life situations they depict. The fate of the world does not hinge on who can send the most cannons into Yakutsk. Hippos have never been known to eat marbles, no matter how hungry. And not even the most powerful real-estate baron can buy an entire street, especially for sixty dollars.

But believe us: Woot-opoly is a 100% accurate simulation of what it's like to eat, sleep, breathe, and defecate the Woot lifestyle. From the pewter monkey to the pewter Bag of Crap, from Midnight Central to the Antechamber of Doom, it's the Woot experience distilled into a board, some pieces, some cards, and some fake money. Just don't get caught in the Server Crash!

And value? You wanna talk value? Too bad, because we're going to anyway. Like other games with which it shares some syllables, games of Woot-opoly are looooong. Each hour grinds by slower than the last as the initial burst of excitement sours into a sense of hollow disillusionment. We TOLD you it was exactly like the real Woot!