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The Debunker: Did Tyrannosaurus Have Scrawny Little Arms?

by Ken Jennings

It's been a long time—66 million years!—since the Cretaceous Period ended in explosive fashion, so there's a lot we don't know about our predecessors atop the food chain, the dinosaurs. Were they hot-blooded or cold-blooded, fast or slow, pack animals or lone hunters? What color were they, and what did they sound like? Could you really use one to make a record player, like the Flintstones did? Luckily, our Jeopardy! correspondent Ken Jennings has just published his seventh Junior Genius Guide, this one all about the dinosaurs! He's here all month to straighten us out on all the Mesozoic misinformation we thought we knew.

The Debunker: Did Tyrannosaurus Have Scrawny Little Arms?

The lamestream media, from The Far Side to the Toy Story movies, has spent the last few decades trying to convince us that the mighty prehistoric carnivore Tyrannosaurus rex should feel bad about its body. Specifically: that it skipped too many arm days at the Jurassic gym.

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Monday, April 18

Music Monday: Lord Kitchener

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Some of you may have never heard of Lord Kitchener, and that's sort of understandable. First, he was recording right after World War II, which was a way back. Second, he was mostly in England, which is pretty far away for a pop song to travel. And third, he was singing about the experience of emigrating from the West Indies to London, which is not something of which many Americans would not expect to care. But Scott's never met a person who couldn't get into the joyful sound of calypso, so if you've never heard of Kitch, go ahead and give him a shot. You might just be pleased with what you find. We'll get back to the RIPs next week, but for now, let's have some fun!

Lord Kitchener - London Is The Place For Me


The hard part about Lord Kitchener is that he sort of seems to come out of a vacuum. It's not true, of course, he had some success in Trinidad and Jamaica before heading to England to be a big star, but YouTube doesn't seem to think so. You'll have to just trust me: by the time Lord Kitchener improvised this song about the joy of finding a new home, he was practiced and ready to play. And his calypso style was going to shake the British music scene greatly.

More smooth stuff to come after the jump.

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