Monday, August 29

Music Monday: Classic Trax

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today we celebrate all those songs that we're amazed ever existed! Who knew so many different bands recorded together in secret? Here's a great example of what we mean right now:

Alice Cooper and Body Count - Law & Order

Ice T's rock band still tours even today, mixing street smarts with metal strings. The horror-rock pioneer was a perfect fit for their unusual style. I personally missed a chance to see this when I was in college, and I kinda regret it now.

Four more to come! And then a few words at the end, of course. Maybe you've already guessed what they'll be.

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Tuesday, August 23

The Debunker: Was Ronald Reagan the First Choice to Star in "Casablanca"?

by Ken Jennings

This is the season of Hollywood's unrestrained id: the brainless summer blockbuster, the air-conditioned multiplex, the bottomless popcorn refills, the avalanche of kids emerging blinking into bright sunlight, waiting for their parental pickup. But August is also the anniversary of the movies themselves! It was on August 31, 1897 that Thomas Edison patented his first movie camera, the Kinetograph. In honor of 119 years of cinematic glitz and glamour, we've asked movie buff and Jeopardy! tough Ken Jennings to give us the "reel" truth on all kinds of old-movie misinformation.

The Debunker: Was Ronald Reagan the First Choice to Star in Casablanca?

It's one of the most storied "what if"s in Hollywood history: what if the most iconic screen role of the 1940s, the world-weary Rick Blaine in Casablanca, had been played by not by Humphrey Bogart but by a different actor? Furthermore, what if that actor had been genial future president Ronald Reagan? Reagan, according to movie lore, was Warner Brothers's first choice for the project.

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Monday, August 22