Kodak MAX Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes

by wootbot

Real Batteries

It's Friday! It's Friday! You know what that means, right? Time to buy batteries!

You've been waiting all week for this. Wondering every day what we'll be selling on Friday. And now it's our time to deliver. Here you go, folks: batteries.

Because we love you so much, so oh so very much, we've got five, count 'em FIVE different types of Kadak MAX Alkaline Batteries for sale. Think of all the things you can do with them. You can put them in electronics, you can collect them, you can display them, you can put them in electronics, you can use them as stocking stuffers, you can put them in electronics, you can use them as little people for your diorama, and, of course, you can put them in electronics. The variety of uses are limitless!

It's rare that, as a consumer, you get this chance to buy batteries. We're talking BATTERIES here, people. The mighty little power packs themselves. And we're selling them. 100% genuine, authentic batteries. It's true!

We'll give you a moment to calm down. We know the rush of excitement you're feeling right now. We felt it too when we were told that we had the opportunity to sell batteries. So take your time, compose yourself, and then you know what to do: buy some batteries.