Music Monday: Fake Rock Bands

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Say, how many great imaginary bands can YOU think of? Well, we hope the answer is "quite a few" because otherwise we won't get many comments today. Scott's selected five made-up rock bands, bands that are from TV or movies or whatever, and found the songs they performed. See if you can top him! Best of luck...

Leather & The Suedes (Happy Days)


Not many women could impress Fonzie's. But Leather Tuscadero was tough enough, cool enough, and rocking enough to earn the man's respect. And, for 1970s TV, her songs weren't half bad. Why didn't we see HER on Arrested Development, huh?

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Hedwig And The Angry Inch (Hedwig And The Angry Inch)


Very few bands mix the appeal of the has-been and the never-was with the glamor of David Bowie and RuPaul. Hedwig's creator took a bunch of catchy songs and added a beautiful story, and suddenly the rock album became a musical, and then a phenomenon.

River Bottom Nightmare Band (Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas)


Step back, you rock historians. You know where 90s alternative music really begins? It begins with little kids watching a Christmas special and thinking "That washtub song wasn't even CLOSE to being as cool as THIS!!!" Why didn't "The Nightmare" ever do a college tour? Did that snake ever have a side project? So many questions...

2001: A New Wave Godyssey (Mr. Show) potentially NSFW comedy content (but not really)


Although they're quickly upstaged by Marilyn Monster, 2001: A New Wave Godyeesy is one of the few Christian synth-pop bands in the history of comedy! Also of note, Mr. Show helped bring once-fake band Tenacious D to the attention of the world.

Cold Slither (G.I. Joe)


What more is there to say? Did Men At Work ever have a chainsaw? Also, as I understand it, the lead guitarist went on to join The Divinyls.

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