Proscan 7" Tablet with Case & Keyboard

by wootbot

The Second-Greatest Generation

You know how your grandpa used to save old pieces of soap? This is like that. 

"Wait, grandpa, you were alive during the Great Recession?" 

"That I was, m'boy." 

"Did people say 'm'boy' back then?" 

"No, they didn't. It seemed old-fashioned even back then. Must have been something I picked up with age." 

"What was it like, living through all that hardship?" 

"Well, it was the little things. For instance, I couldn't afford a fancy tablet so I had a Proscan 7" Tablet." 

"A what??" 

"Exactly. It was a tablet, all right, but without any of your fancy bells and whistles. It only had a 0.3 megapixel camera…" 

"No way!" 

"…And a 800 x 480 resolution screen. But I was just happy to have a tablet in my hand and a roof over my head. Well, technically it was my parents' roof." 

"How did you manage?" 

"Back then you couldn't do much with a tablet, so long as you could check your email on the go, you were fine. Frankly, it was mostly a status symbol." 

"No wonder you're so tough, grandpa. You had to make do with so little." 

"Yes, I suppose. I also did a lot of Tough Mudders." 


"Nevermind. You wouldn't understand."