Tastes better than it looks.

Sure, these food and water bundles don't look like much to us right now when we can order pizza with the push of a button and when our fridges and pantries are fully stocked with lots of enticing goodies.

But I'm sorry to tell you that if the apocalypse happens, Domino's isn't going to be running delivery and those expired pudding packets and boxes of microwavable popcorn are only going to last you a week or two tops.

That's when you'll turn to these food and water survival bundles with fresh eyes. No longer will they look like an unappealing mystery food tucked away in an intimidating package. Suddenly they'll appear to your eyes as a sumptuous meal, worthy of a lavish dinner party.

And if you do decide to throw a lavish post-apocalyptic dinner party, send us an invite, would ya? After all, we were the one who introduced you to these gourmet foods in the first place.

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Food and Water Survival Bundles
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