Real televisions have curves.

Quit it with your tv shaming! For too long people have believed that all TVs need to be shaped the same: rectangular, straight, flat, and booooorrrrrring.

But we envision a brighter future for our televisions. Someday TVs will come in all shapes and sizes. They'll be heart shaped and cloud shaped, and green and blue and purple. They'll have glitter and stars and pretty designs on them! They'll all be unique and beautiful, just like people.

But until that bright future, let us present to you the curved TV. It's got a beautiful curved screen that offers four times the resolution of Full HD and it's just as good at playing all your favorite shows and movies as your old, boring tv is. It's just a little nicer looking.

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Samsung LED Curved 4K SUHD TV
$799.99 In Stock Electronics
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