Show those camels who's boss.

Camels are always acting so smug walking around in the desert drinking delicious refreshing water out of their humps like it's no big deal.

But guess what? Camels don't actually carry water in their humps. It's just a bunch of dumb fat. They were fooling us about the water thing all along.

So, now let's show camels who's really in charge around here: humans. Maybe we weren't lucky enough to be born with hump on our back to help us carry water, but neither were camels. However, unlike camels, we can make those watery-carrying humps for ourselves and wear them whenever we feel like it.

So, go for it! Strap some water to your back and go wander around in the desert! Just make sure a camel gets a nice long jealous look at you while you're doing it.

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