All this DC41 wanted was to go to a dance. But oh, those wicked stepsisters!

The DC41 looked out at the tiny mice made of dust, also known as her only friends. They leaned quietly against the wall. From the other room, the DC41 heard laughter. Her stepsisters were preparing to go and see the Prince!

Rocking back and forth on her pivoting core technology, the DC41 sighed. If only I could go to the dance! she thought. If only I could meet the prince! Oh, why can't I have any friends of my own?

"DC41?" called Meanella from the top of the stairs. "Have you cleared all the sand off the beach behind our seafront mansion?"

"Not yet, Meanella." DC41 called back. Meanella giggled.

"Oh, what a shame! If only you had finished, we would have let you join us! But now, you simply must stay here and finish."

The door slammed as Meanella and her sister Jerkette ran to the carriage as fast as their six-inch pumps could carry them. DC41 turned with ease so her imaginary mouse friends would not see her cry. This is my life, I guess, she thought.

So lost was DC41, she didn't notice the glowing fairy light from the corner. The light that was about to change her life... forever.

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Dyson DC41 Animal  - 3 Styles

Dyson DC41 Animal - 3 Styles
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