You might never need to leave your house again.

Hey, right now there are hundreds of dozens of people killing time as they download Splatoon. Will it be good? Will it be bad? We won't know until we've all played it through to the very end. But we do know this: if you had a whole bunch of freeze-dried chicken alfredo, you could sit at that Wiimote for DAYS and never need to leave your house for food. And let's be honest, that's the only way you're going to get the highest score. Some of these players are serious.

But don't just focus on the fun of video games here. Focus on the movies, the poker weekends, the camping, the hurricanes, the impending collapse of the financial industry. In any of those situations, you'll be thankful you've got these cans of freeze-dried delicacies you can cram in your gullet. They're made for people like you, people who are on-the-go inside their houses!

Okay, fine. They'll also help if zombies attack you. Is that what you wanted us to say? Are you happy now?


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Your Choice Mountain House Food 6-Packs

Your Choice Mountain House Food 6-Packs
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