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The Debunker: Was a Moth in a Navy Computer the First "Bug"?

by Ken Jennings

January 1, 2017 isn't just New Year's Day… it's also the Internet's 34rd birthday. On January 1, 1983, all the computer systems on the ARPANET, created by the Department of Defense in 1969, were required to switch over to the TCP/IP network protocol that it still uses today, giving birth to the Internet as we know it. But how well do we know it? Onetime computer programmer (and Jeopardy! computer victim) Ken Jennings is here to do a complete systems update on all the Digital Age spam in your mental inbox.

The Debunker: Was a Moth in a Navy Computer the First "Bug"?

Grace Hopper was one of the greatest computer pioneers of the 20th century. "Amazing Grace" was a math whiz with a Ph.D from Yale who joined the Naval Reserve during World War II and worked on the early computers that made the Manhattan Project possible. After the war, she helped create UNIVAC, America's first commercial computer; wrote the first compiler in history; and was instrumental in developing early programming languages like COBOL and FORTRAN. By the time she retired from the Navy in 1986, she had achieved the rank of Rear Admiral. Last November, President Obama posthumously awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Monday, January 02

Music Monday: New

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today is the first Monday of the New Year. In celebration, Scott's done a post full of new-themed songs. Join in, have fun, celebrate the start of something new!

Kirsty McColl - A New England


This is, of course, a Billy Bragg cover, but the jangly guitar and wistful lyrics of this version really captures what January always feels like to me. There's still the feelings of the old year mixed with the knowledge that something else is coming. Even if we disagree what that something is, we all want it to be good. That's gotta count for something, right?

Let's all face this New Year together! More songs to come.

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