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I'm not ashamed to admit it: I enjoy playing around with Wikipedia's random-article function. Don't judge me. I'm obviously not the only one. Web developer Jim Blackler took my dirty little secret one step further with Quizipedia, the quiz game built from fragments of random Wikipedia articles. The questions aren't ridiculously hard, but Quizipedia is an unforgiving task master. One wrong answer and you lose. Pro tip: use the "pass" button to come back to particularly tough ones.



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Cool ... now how about the photoshop contest? Is it dead or are we going to see a new contest and maybe even more results or even payouts of past winnings? (I've sent you my w-9 enough times, to you and to CS, so I'm assuming that someone over there has it)

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No joke... The answer to my very first question was Bukkake.


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I just got a set of trivia where half the quests were: "This chart depicts ______."

The answers were all variations on military pay grades, off by one word. (E.g. enlisted, officer.)

That's rough.

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Woo! Beat my second one with 18 seconds to spare, granted it was very easy. Two of my questions had to do with Africa my choices that were African in nature were North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, The fist question started this area south of the Sahara. And the second one started with This Northern Region of Africa. I suck at geography but luckily I didn't let my blonde get the best of me.

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as if I didn't have enough things to do while goofing off at work..... thanks, Woot!


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"You won with 29.9 seconds to spare."

Can't get my time under 30 seconds.


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yesthatmcgurk wrote:No joke... The answer to my very first question was Bukkake.

Hmmm. So, did you take the quiz?


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rdcollns wrote:"You won with 29.9 seconds to spare."

Can't get my time under 30 seconds.

You won with 39.0 seconds to spare.
Your quiz was made with content from the following Wikipedia articles:

Coupon-eligible converter box
Hate speech
International Anarchist Congress of Amsterdam
Knute Nelson
Mark Twain
Reparations for slavery
Viral encephalitis

Now we just need a mad-lib generator that will incorporate all the random topics into one coherent story...


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... Well, we had it tough: we had to connect via a 300 baud modem, using Trumpet WinSock and the French version of IE 0.1, then a 1-800-relay operator had to translate the questions into hebrew, and still we had 61 seconds to spare.

But try to tell the young people that, and they wont believe you.

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Believe? No. Understand? No. But I'm just barely old enough to do the latter.

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