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My Wife and We both got in this time! Thanks to all those who gave up. We actually had the time to set up a new account for her, had to choose names maybe three times and then that goofy Captcha thingy... Not to mention getting out the card and entering all that stuff too.

Immortal... for a limited time.


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Good game, Woot. GG.

We bow to your web development prowess.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages terri19

Book of adventure.....Confirmed!!!!!! and Screaming Glow-in-the-Dark koalas...what a great night!!



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Bacon orifice Colostomy is sold out! Curse you Woot!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages BobSmooth

Once again woot robs me of a bow-jay. DAMN YOU WOOT! <span class="txtIrcMe">&nbsp;*&nbsp;BobSmooth shakes fist furiously!!!!!1!!eleven!!1! </span>


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The amount of stupidity We feel for getting to that page 3 times in the first 5 minutes, and NOT CLICKING JAZZ makes me so angry at myself... *sigh*


quality posts: 1 Private Messages kagechikara

figured it out too late. Curses!


quality posts: 17 Private Messages Dissonance
justinrotnluk wrote:Anybody else have the Best of Cracked.com disappear from their account page?

Yes. But We have a confirmed e.mail from woot and paypal. Really confused.


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tech1029 wrote:Played this game for 1/2 hour. Longest We ever seen the epic adventure last but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not for me!!!! Sells out 1 min before We figured out this crazy puzzle. You got me again Woot! My very first Woot was a epic adventure 4 years ago and haven't scored one since!

this bites


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Got my confirmation for my Blighted Out Crabs and my koala. This was a good day.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages gwaki

first time We have ever seen paypal fail. Got order confirmation adn paypal charge but it doesn't show up in account...


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WooHoo!!! 2nd epic adventure!!!!

We missed the secret link going through the first time We got to 27.

Not to worry, epic adventure popped up on the Wootalyzer News and We snagged my second!

Went back through the adventure and finally groped the secret link.

Thank you Woot! gods!!!!!


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FINALLY GOT A Book of adventure!!!!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages aoikiretsu

And to show my utmost gratitude to the woot Gods, We shall finally purchase a Sansa. We actually need one too :D


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No way!! We finally scored the elusive epic adventure!!! So stoked. First time purchaser of the legendary Book Of Canaries.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages duffeball

We'm a dork... seriously looked over the vital hint like 20 times... We feel silly... .reallly reallly silly.


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We bought three of these a couple weeks ago at the same price. We're actually using them at this very moment. Overall, We think this was a great buy (especially if you want some backup ones or have some friends to split the price with).

The tangle free cord isn't impossible to tangle, but it definitely doesn't tangle nearly as much.

The changable sizes are really nice. To the people who keep complaining about them falling out- go a size down. If they're too big then they can't lodge in your ear properly.

Lastly, the sound is great, especially the bass.

The only thing We don't like is how noise isolating they can be. Once these babies are in your ear the only thing you can really hear is your music. Good for the most part, but We'd suggest leaving one bud out of your ear if you're walking around at night.


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Ha We got a epic adventure. That makes two this year and a grand total of five. Not bad!


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YES. Got my first epic adventure. :D

any guesses on what were all in for?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages billmoney

Excuse my spelling, spoiling the fun for everyone, and lack of neatness…

but here is a list and map of the adventure, it may not be perfect




please look at your history, and quote and update me of any mistakes.


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Things are strange. We bought the Glow in the Dark koala and the USB light with coupon. We got two confirm emails for the koalas, none for the USB light. Both neither order is showing up in my account.

Also tried for the roomba but after 30 minutes of processing, it came back denied. (that blows!)


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Stupidest "adventure" We've ever seen.
Stupidest marketing scheme We've ever seen.
Woot really does know how to piss me off.

The dawn is my enemy.


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BOOO! had epic adventure and denied with no reason....NOT VERY NICE WOOT


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<(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)>

Now l have a ba g
hopefully not filled with cra p
it better not lag

<(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)>


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We love November fool's day! thanks to the Book of adventure We got!!


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mjk40 wrote:The amount of stupidity We feel for getting to that page 3 times in the first 5 minutes, and NOT CLICKING JAZZ makes me so angry at myself... *sigh*

agreed. obviously the veterans shine through.


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It was in the description! Arrrggggggg, We was so tired and obsessively trying every combo again and again for almost an hour, We read all the descriptions but the Sansa one somehow, figures the one We glanced over had the hidden link. WOOT, you owe me my sanity OR a Book of adventure you clever cheeky bastards


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We now have two battalions of crabs coming! My room mate has two as well.

Me? I'm half man, half owl, and half moose. I am ManOwlMoose. Don't tell Al Gore about me.
-Battalion of Crabs x 4 (incl Adventure Crabs x 1, Happy Hour Crabs x 1)
-Probation posts x 1


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Got the big prize earlier (along with a surprisingly speedy confirmation e-mail). My glow in the dark koala (with my old woot-light coupon it was $1.99 total) e-mail confirmation just came through now. Surprisingly the koala confirmation took way longer to get.


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ThndrShk2k wrote:We ordered a koala and aquariums, are those taking forever to process? My Crappy adventure processed already and We want to know if We got those as well. :|

Wow, Psychic woot voice gods have heard my call and processed my Glow in the dark koala, now to see the aquariums with the coupon. Daddy wants a new blurry questionmark shirt.

Woot, this is by far the best event you have ever pulled. Nothing has gotten me to buy so much from you in one day, usually because it all sells out by the time We see it or literally tear my pants off looking for my wallet (btw We need more pants, perhaps next year pants.woot.com?)


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We got one!!!!!!!!!!!! even though my screen still says it is processing...We got the confirm custard and it is listed in my account!

We had given up all hope too, but guess the Woot gods decided to make me smile on this November morning!


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Got my confirmation, that's 3 years in a row of November Fools adventure. Yay!


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Haha. It's on the sansa page.
We figured it out after someone else posted the that it was there.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mssamrivers

We still couldn't figure out how to get a marsupium-o-adventure but We got one!!! Thank you Wootalyzer for your announcement. We was routed to the buy page! As for the epic adventure...duh...We still don't get it. We got all the wayt to the warehouse, broke in and pulled the door....nothing but a dern sansa whatever the heck. Who cracked the case and how?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages aaustin29

Sweet Mother of Pearl! We got my first Barnacles of the Caribbean!

We'm so freaking excited that We'm laughing.... We won't be able to sleep, but We'll try.



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Well, We got the carp yet again. And to be honest We actually ended up with more than one since We wanted to make absolutely sure that We would get an order in for one. We must have been able to get more than one just because so many people were still trying to figure out how to even get to the carp in the first place.

We've got lots of carp heading my way, and We can't wait!


quality posts: 3 Private Messages gimpyestrada

Somehow We ended up with a epic adventure. We don't know how or why, but We'm not complaining.

We also saw a glow in the dark koala and a set of wootoff aquariums that came with a $10 shirt gift certificate.

This was really wonky.


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still confused, but We finally got a marsupium of carrots after so many sleepless nights!! so excited! yippee!!!


quality posts: 4 Private Messages dukerayburn

All four of my orders that failed out are now locking me out of the sale, saying that my account has already purchased the offer. The Carp's sold out, understood, but Aye checked and double-checked my info on each sale Aye partook in. They were processing for 10-25 minutes a piece before they all failed within moments of each other.

If anyone at Woot can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Here's the stuff Aye "purchased" that's missing from my account, and which the site is not letting me buy again...

3x Headphones in Black
1x Glowchimp
1x Woot Off aquariums with Shirt.Woot Coupon
1x Carp Satchel


quality posts: 0 Private Messages compro

Got my epic adventure. Congrats to those who also succeeded, and my condolences to whose who didn't get there in time.

Very cool November Fool's, Woot.com! We hope this epic adventure is better for me than the last one We got.