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News Flash: Flying sucks. Totally. That I actually have to pay money to be shoved into a winged hell capsule, strapped to a tiny seat that cuts off all circulation to my legs, and forced to endure the horrors of Other People with nothing more than a SkyMall catalog to keep me entertained frustrates me to no end. But as most airlines struggle to find new ways to make the ordeal even more torturous while charging me even more cash for the privilege of air travel, it's good to see companies like The Philipinnes' Cebu Pacific Air trying to make its customers a little happier.



Sure, I'd much prefer a little more leg room or some extra peanuts to Lady Gaga, but it's a nice start, don't you think?



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i didn't know the woot podcast guy was a pilot...


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I don't know how different flying rules are in the Philippines, but the emergency procedures speech in the US must be done before takeoff, whereas this video seemed to be while already in the air. Furthermore, they had no beef with the cameras, which adds more credence to the fact that it was well after takeoff.

Not to ruin the magic, but I'm guessing they had the "official" speech on the ground, and they were just showing off some pet project for fun? Either way, I'm flying that airline on my next trip to the philippines (hopefully one day).


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Cebu Pacific is a pretty fun airline. I've flown with them several times, but there was no Lady Gaga safety demo back then. They're nice because they're hardly more than an A/C bus or boat to a lot of locations on the islands. I think my wife and I flew up to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte for $20 each or less. Too bad America doesn't have commuter flights like that...



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@jjdarling - Also, not to rag on the Philippines (I've lived there and love the people and culture), but exact obedience to laws and regulations is not really common. For example, I had a driver's license, which requires a drug test, but it really just comes down to paying a medical assistant to use her MD employer's stamp and sign for him/her.


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Hmm.. not bad good sir.. But I shall see your dancing flight attendants and raise you an Air New Zealand:


See how long it takes you to notice the gimmick...


Go Squarryls!


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It's not Gaga, it's Katy Peary.


It's the same song.


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I suspect Ben the Over-Literal Dermestid Beetle is not happy with their choice of music.

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crsbryan wrote:It's not Gaga, it's Katy Peary.


It's the same song.

ACTUALLY, it starts off with Gaga's "Just Dance", then Perry's "California Gurls" is mixed into the middle like sparkly bits of candy "Meh" in some bland, over-produced ice cream that focuses way too much on the packaging than the actual product.

I do not deny, however, that they sound pretty similar. Such is the state of pop music, really.


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Now, as soon as some airline could get Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in body paint to give live safety demonstrations, then that will become my new, best airline.