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Starting from the very first loading screen, Scarlet Stranger is a real joy to play. Here's a quick peek at what you're facing today.


a map


Naturally you can turn off the map at any time, We just wanted you to see the size of the castle first. Here's a better shot of your character.


death pig


You're the Scarlet Stranger, infiltrating the mysterious Chameleon Castle to save a lady fair. You can chop things with your Trusted Blade and defend yourself with your shield. You've got a magic ring and the very first person you meet runs a shop where you can buy and sell gems to get cooler stuff. If you've ever played a video game in your life, you already know what this is all about.


big gem


The tricky part, naturally, is in the execution. Some monsters you can kill with one blow, others are much tougher. Your shield buys you time, but if you're defending, you can't stab. If you take your gems and wood and stone and whatever back to a shop, you can slowly craft them into something cool, but hunting them up takes time. As you can see from the counter at the bottom, in an hour the castle's gonna change. If you haven't won by then, you'll have to learn the new path… and that's how they trap ya. To DEATH.




We didn't exactly finish the game, but we're not giving up. Scarlet Stranger lets you save your game to your computer or the cloud so you're perfectly able to come back to it and try again later. Which is good, because this thing is gonna take a while to solve. If only we had a long weekend coming up...

Give Scarlet Stranger a shot, see how far you can get, then let us know about your game in the comments. Will YOU uncover the secret of the castle?


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Word of warning, if you don't complete the "alchemy" sub-game, do not go to the last room. I needed to finish and cannot go back.

Edit: ok, I'm "done" with this game. Three times I ended up outside the game (under?) and can't move, die or quit. Have to reload where it conveniently forgets any save point, so you have to start over.


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Neat but sadly BUGGY. Keep falling under the floor and having to reload the game and lose progress. Got to the end, beat the boss, then got horribly stuck and unable to progress. Wheee...


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Same thing happened to me. Got to the boss three times, it bugged out each time and I had to start over. Finally gave up. Really disappointed, it was a fun game besides that!


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Defeat the boss and get 5 minutes of listening to the boss music while staring at a blank screen. Oh, yeah, this was absolutely worth the time put into it.

Double-checking to find that all other comments are about the bugginess of the thing only makes me wish I had checked earlier.

The last Flash game (The Long Way) was equally buggy.

Scott Lydon, you are on my list. No longer shall I trust anything you recommend. Also, that shiver of pure hatred you felt running down your spine? That was me, too.


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toayc wrote:Scott Lydon, you are on my list. No longer shall I trust anything you recommend. Also, that shiver of pure hatred you felt running down your spine? That was me, too.


The Long Way didn't get buggy for me (I'm sorry that it happened to you) but I can defend myself on this one by noting that the post does mention I didn't actually finish Scarlet Stranger. Everything I played worked fine.

But, in your honor, I'll make my resolution to try and get 100% through all plot-based games before I post them. Is that fair?

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