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Woot is basically geek bait. I've seen so many homebrewed "wootoff checkers" offered in the forums. However, none of them are for Linux. Being the loyal Ubuntu geek that I am, I wrote one this morning in gtk sharp (mono). Check it out...

It checks a text-only summary (not a bandwidth-bogging demon!) and shows you the item description, price, etc. You can set how often you want it to check and it displays a status bar showing how much item is left.

Of course it's EARLY ALPHA. However, the worst thing that might happen is it just might not work (hey, I cranked it out this morning, it's possible...I'm certainly not the foremost expert in .NET either.) It opens firefox to if you click "goto". Requires Linux, Firefox, Gnome and Mono.

Get it now


Download the source and compile yourself in MonoDevelop


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Looks good.

I have one that works pretty well in ubuntu. It is pretty different from yours, but check it out.