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Sanyo 42” HD Ready Plasma Display

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Shopzilla's Link

... eh... nothing's really grabbin' my fancy on the comparison sites for this one... so i'm doin' it new skool... all 'more' useful links on this one... here y'all go...

BizRate's Sanyo TV Selection

Plasma TVs on Smarter.com

40-49 inch TVs on MSN Shopping

... and the piece de resistance for the day...
ALL 42" Flat Panel Plasmas UNDER $900 on Shopzilla

... btw... does this thing have a tuner in it?... or do you have to have a box/satellite/whatever?... cuz i've seen a lot that don't get channels without boxes or whatever... and yes... i'm highly ignorant on the subject of tvs... yes... jerks.

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Ewww, no HDMI...no thanks.


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The Germans are winning again?


Sic infit, foolish cogs!


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any body know if this is good?

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mmmm...le mans...


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Sanyo seems to be a little covered plasma among reviewers

lady lance

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So shiny!


No money though. Maybe if I'm lucky, Santa will get me one :D I wonder how Sanyo's hold up though.

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bah...would have considered this if i hadn't just bought a pioneer.

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Oh man I want that car.
Even better the Plasma in the car.


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THey have one at walmart for like $50more....yeah its walmart but you can get it at 3 in the morning and its there.


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these look and sound awsome


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Um, am I supposed to buy this in addition to the ones I bought this weekend? Anybody know anything about this TV?


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No hdmi? makes me sad panda


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This is cheaper than Costco.....

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Buck Mulligan

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That's it. I'm selling one of my children for this.


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what?!?! I just bought a T.V. off of ubid from a link off of woot...


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How is the resolution "1024×1024 Resolution"? Isn't that a square?


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good price, even if it doesn't have an integrated tuner.

I would be tempted if I hadn't gotten a 42" lcd from microcenter on friday.


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1024×1024 Resolution?


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1000 to 1 for a plasma that sucks!


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Sweet. Ive read about AliS panels before - the listed 1024x1024 resolution is correct. Here's a breakdown on ALiS technology. It uses rectangular pixels rather than square pixels and actually extends eh life of the plasma display. It's not outdated technology, and this isn't an oversized computer monitor. It will do 720p and 1080i just as accurately as a 1366x768 display will, if not better.

ALiS – ALiS (alternate lighting of surfaces) technology developed by Fujitsu/Hitachi for plasma panel displays. On a conventional plasma TV, all pixels are illuminated at all times. With an ALiS plasma panel, alternate rows of pixels are illuminated so that half the panel’s pixels are illuminated at any moment, which is NOT the same as video interlacing on a standard CRT. Plasma displays are a digital device, where entire lines are drawn at once, unlike conventional CRTs which use a single electron beam to draw the entire screen. Properly installed plasma displays have no noticeable flicker.


to the guy saying that its a computer monitor and that it cant reproduce 720p or 1080i resolutions - you're wrong. Here's an HD ALiS panel introduced just two months ago at CEDIA 2006 : http://reviews.cnet.com/4531-10921_7-6638050.html

and heres a review (an old one) of an ALiS plasma: http://www.guidetohometheater.com/directviewandptvtelevisions/74/

Lots of info on google if you really want more info. If you just want to thread crap about how you work at Bestbuy and you know it all, well then go ahead and post more uninformed responses.


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Contrast ratio of 1000:1? Are you kidding me?

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HDMI isn't really necessary if you have a separate sound system right?


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Love the HHGG reference! If I hadn't already gotten the 61" JVC awhile back, I might be all over this. Would be a nice upgrade othe 32" in the bedroom, but har to justify the cost.


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1024x1024 resolution? what is it really?


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eh, id rather pass. i could get better deals on regular hdtv's. besides i despise plasma. lcd or rear projection are the way to go for picture clarity.


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Froogle's showing it for $2,300-$3,600 from what I can see.


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Someone tell me how in the heck the shipping is 5 dollars?


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Not even true high-def resolutions. There's no way I'd jump on this for this price, especially considering the prices we've seen on Black Friday for televisions and monitors that supported true high-def.


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Fork out another $200 and you could've got a 42" Toshiba plasma HDTV with ATSC tuner from Sears on black Friday. 42" plastma HDTVs should be going for this price by this time next year. I'll wait.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages Cirrius

What an odd resolution

Other sites list it as the same res so I don't believe it is a typo.


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I think we'll see a glut of 42" plasmas at this price point in the next 3 months or so. If you are in the market, do some research.


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1024x1024? Um, that would be a 1:1 panel which certainly isn't what they are showing. Anybody have the real stats?


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CRAP!!! It's a computer monitor resolution which will look like complete ass for TV. No HDMI, only DVI so that should show you the true age of this unit. Definitely a pass. Now if it was $500, I'd pick one up just cuz but for $900, it better come with a free Xbox360, PS3 or at least a Wii and a ton of games. I'm glad woot hasn't had a quality item in forever... they're saving me a ton of money. Can't say so much for other sites where I'm spending way TOOOOO much money.

FYI, yes that is the right resolution. It's using a panel that doesn't have regular square pixels, it's more rectangular so you know the picture will be spot on perfect. HAHAAHHA JUNK!


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HD ready?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages t13monkeys

no hdmi - its at least a year old.


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I would have considered buying this if I didn't just get a Westinghouse 42" 1080p for a lil more then this. Seems like a pretty good deal for a 42" plasma at any brand


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Scott78945 wrote:Ewww, no HDMI...no thanks.

I'm no expert, but since it has no speakers I think the DVI input is equivalent.


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Isn't plasma on its way out?