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I'm currently using this laptop, and it is phenomenal!

I paid the 1k through Bestbuy as a Christmas gift, and it hasn't failed me yet. The screen is amazing, especially in that you can still visibly features on the screen from a far away angle since most laptop screens have a glare/reflection at side angle (not sure how that helps in a particular situation).

Keyboard has a great feel, love the backlight, and the number pad. I will say that number pad can be at times finicky with having to press the num lk on/off (even though it was on) for using it in some app; also I have a tendency to mis-hit the arrow keys since they're the same size as all the other keys, which would help if they were slightly larger to distinguish them (been training my fingers though).

It's very quiet when running at full speed and it doesn't heat up too bad (if your working on you lap for a long time, of course it'll heat).

All of the programs I use work great, especially when it comes to processing. I work with Labview and Matlab quite often and I'm very impressed with the computational speeds. If I do have problems with programs speeds/operations, I've found that it's mainly due to operating in Windows 8.1.

I'll be honest in that I don't use the touch screen that much unless its for zooming or games. I think a tablet would provide some greater functionality of the touchscreen. Actually, if this "laptop" had the ability to detach the screen into a tablet compatibility, it would be my dream machine and love it for 3 years.

In other aspects (not trying to repeat what other reviews have said), I do wish that the audio & mic jack were separated, but I guess that means I'll have to upgrade my headset. Also, you should probably disable the notifications for devices with that jack because you'll constantly get "a device has been plugged in" or "out", which to me, is just annoying for it to constantly to do so.

Biggest complaint is the touch pad. I really don't like the feel of it, and do wish that it separated the left and right pad with a button and just leave the rest of the area as mouse control. Also, wish that it had a blu-ray player drive since it has the capability of playing them.


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So does this come with the mini subwoofer shown in the first review? It doesn't mention it in the Woot specs or "in the box.


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krh7 wrote:So does this come with the mini subwoofer shown in the first review? It doesn't mention it in the Woot specs or "in the box.

No subwoofer, just the computer as shown in our photos.

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Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Price: $289.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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ThunderThighs wrote:No subwoofer, just the computer as shown in our photos.

So this is literally JUST the laptop? Surely it must come with the charger?

The retail package includes the laptop, the charger, a cleaning cloth, quick-start booklet, warranty booklet, and lastly, the external subwoofer (sonicmaster). This WOOT only comes with the laptop?


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sdc100 wrote:It seems like a decent laptop that can act like a desktop replacement. It even has dedicated video memory, unlike the shared memory of most laptops. Only two things prevent it from being a true desktop replacement. First, the HD is 5400rpm. 7200rpm is preferable for desktops. The tradeoff is heat and energy usage which explains why most laptops use 5400rpm. The lower speed is more than adequate for most applications. I would have also liked the drive to read Blu-Rays (and even write them).

The second flaw, however, is inexplicable. The 4th generation i7-4500U CPU is shockingly slow with a Passmark of only 3873! That score is equal to some 3rd generation i3s. For comparison, I have a $459 17.3" [non-touchscreen] Toshiba with a 3rd Gen i7-3630QM that scores a Passmark 7732. That's twice the Passmark of this newer processor. For what it's worth, Woot had the same Toshiba for $499.

I do a lot of video editing so hard drive and CPU speeds make a big difference. But most people should be fine with this slow CPU. I'm just shocked that such an expensive laptop (previous posts say that it was sold for $999) has such a low Passmark score. On the plus side, it increases battery life, which is good for mobile users. But that mobility is hampered by its 6lb weight. This is surprisingly heavy for a 15.4" laptop. My 17.3" Toshiba is only a bit heavier at 6.6 lbs, and it has a lot of metal.

Is your Toshiba, touchscreen?


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Received mine today. So far the computer looks and runs great. Can't tell at all that it's a refurb. Very happy with woot right now!