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ThunderThighs wrote:We had some delays in responding to emails during and for a while after the holidays. Response time is now the normal 1-2 business days.

There's a link to our return policy in my signature. Size is not considered a defect so we do not do returns for things that don't fit. This is because, unlike a normal retailer, we do not maintain ongoing inventory. Our goal is to sell out so we can't return items to stock.

On the topic of wide shoes, we get what the vendor/manufacturer will sell us. Wide shoes are made in smaller quantities and usually sell out faster. As such, they're usually not available for us to purchase.

As a wide-foot woman with a wide-foot son, I feel your pain.

Like I said, back in the day you could return whatever you wanted for any reason. If it was off color than what you purchased, if it didn't fit right... hell if you felt the quality was sub par, WOOT took the return and just put it in a BUNDLE OF ████ if they couldn't sell it new. Now it is AMAZON of Draconia on return policy. I would not buy shoes or clothing from woot from now on.


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Any idea what width these shoes are? I'd like a pair of the Orange/Blue shoes...sweet to wear to Tiger games!


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Any idea if the insole is removable?


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bought yellow & black. only cool color left in size 12s.

i'm not a runner, but needed some other sneakers. these will do nicely for $45


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lacotomo wrote:Any idea if the insole is removable?

Yep. Just watched the buyer remove the insole in our sample. Now GO BUY ALL THE SHOES!

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Great buy


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Too bad they don't offer them in a WIDE width.


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Where do they hide the ???


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Okay, so the information given says "true to size" in bold print. I wear a 10.5 or and 11. logically, to avoid a tight fit, I went with my true size on the upper end, so if these are too small, and not returnable, I will use them as paperweight/reminders, on my desk, adjacent to this computer.


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My Shoes lasted me 6 weeks and are shot. The shoe doesn't like being worn. If they have to flex the plastic web splits and then pulls its self to bits.