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Will the gel topper *add* any firmness to a plush mattress? (This would be a plus for me…)


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Ok, I went in for one. Hope it's as comfy and cool as it seems.

mystic951 wrote:I got the 3" back in November because I was having major back issues. Happy to say I noticed the difference right away. It's quite comfortable, very cool, and so far has maintained it's original level of resilience. Only complaint is that it shifts quit a bit, beyond that, definitely would buy again.

Thanks for the answer! I'm looking to relieve some chronic pain, and am looking forward to adding the comfort!


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I would like to place an order but can't figure out where to check-out.


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25woot25 wrote:I would like to place an order but can't figure out where to check-out.

Steps -
1) Click Big Yellow Button that says, "I Want One!"
2) Select your options
3) Click Big Yellow Button again
(If you already did all that, ignore those steps)

In the upper right corner of your screen, you will see a Shopping Cart shaped icon, click it. That should take you to your cart, and you may check out from there.


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This hurts my back... Too soft.


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spun4621 wrote:I received a Serta pillow top mattress about 7 years ago. There's very little support left in it. Don't get me wrong, its nice and cozy, but your back WILL be sore in the morning.

Can this topper be put on a pillow top mattress? I understand I'll probably have a hell of a time finding a fitted sheet that will actually stay on...but, will the memory foam/gel top still work as intended? Or does it need something more firm under it, like a regular mattress.

Thanks everyone!

FWIW - we had a Stearns and Foster Pillow top that did the same thing. We ended up flipping the mattress over (where there was no pillow top) and used a 2.5 in gel topper from Lucid (purchased through Amazon). It's not too bad and a ton better than the sagging pillow top.


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Ordered on 25th and received next day on the 26th at 11am.

It has been great. This was $30 cheaper than anything I could find locally.

My mattress is a only a year old and I always thought it was too firm. I already had a thin memory foam pad on top that I bought with the mattress. It is only like 1/2 inch.

I put this one on top of it and I felt the difference instantly.
This is awesome.
Now I may want to buy another one so I can have 4in of foam.
I want to really sink in.


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Got mine on Saturday..

I opened the box and the plastic bag to let any chemical smell dissapaite, a major concern of some reviewers. Sunday I put it on the bed, and it took about 4 hours to unroll.

Sunday night - wow - huge difference in sleep, the bed was amazing! I found it noticeably cooler than the mattress, the gel foam lets you sink in like a marshmellow, so moving in your sleep isn't something that happens easy, but you also do not feel the need to move around as much. It will take a few nights to get used to, but it is a definite improvement!


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Received mine on Saturday as well. Didn't take long to take its form soon after unpacking and the smell aired out after several hours. Put it on our mattress and wow what an improvement over our mattress. I was worried about it not being a 3 inch topper but the 2 inch topper seemed to work great.

I slept extremely comfortable these last couple of nights. Thanks woot!