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ackerberg wrote:What price are you asking for your unit?


Back in town - still have mine if you want it, only lightly used and has all docs, packing, etc.


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I just bought a TomTom unit on Woot! today; anyone interested in my Evesham unit? Works fine, was just disappointed in the user interface. Send me a message if you're interested.


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Evesham appears to have gone under:


As far as I can tell, they never posted any software or map updates to the nav-cam.com website. Bummer.


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I have long since lost the original CD that came with this. I have been trying to install TomTom using Randy's blog. It installs but somewhere along the way the GPS doesn't find any satellites it seems. Using the GPSViewer on the desktop, the Valid Position always stays RED. Wondering if i messed something up so i just want to try to get this thing back to the factory condition so I can pinpoint the problem. Thanks