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Well now that I have studied my avatar and reviewed the other avatars who posted on this question, I find both the people who say that they have O Quality Posts are true blonds. I am thinking discrimination... hate crimes... especially since I didn't even get to choose my own avatar. On the other hand both of us probably deserve to be blond since we are the only two who used our full name (terrimeyers). Now I need to find a question about avatar makeovers and how to change a name. So if I divorce my husband and want to change my name on woot! will I lose my WOOT! status and any quality posts I manage to be awarded? I am so glad I started wellbutrin before I came to this realization. But there must be an appeals board... yes, a board of fellow wooters who would understand such things, even if the staff doesn't. Another strand... another stand... I still want a new avatar and a name change and a Quality Post and no divorce, just in case you read this sweetheart.



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One can never underestimate the value of being a smartass. And the $10.


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SBCJester21 wrote:I just got a "quality post", but my Quality Post Counter didn't go up. I is sad.

EDIT: It just updated. I is happy now!

It can take a day or so to update. Don't sweat it.


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dave bug wrote:Here's how this works. In a forum thread (almost always the current Woot thread), you say something of interest, something funny, or ask/answer a good question. A moderator marks your post as 'quality' causing it to be displayed on the Woot home page that day and adding one to your quality post total (so, yes, it's cumulative).

Then, apparently, you give slydon $10 and he puts a good word in for you.

Awesome, that also answered my question that I did a search to find! ^^ <3

I am looking to buy "Life Choices", any size, send me a message!

So fuhqued up.


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Gatzby wrote:Yes, the $10 is mandatory.

Dave has pretty much nailed it on the head.
There are a few ways to get a quality post. Some are more likely than others, but here's a general breakdown:

1.) Ask a question (And not, "Does it work with Mac?" because it probably doesn't.), such as, "Is it possible to wallmount this screen?" for a television.
2.) Provide an answer to a question. E.g. "Yes, you can wallmount it, but you'll need this special bracket from BracketCo."
3.) Raise a valid concern. E.g. "I believe there's been a recall of this device."
4.) Provide additional information. E.g. Product specifications, additional product images, reviews, etc.
5.) Relate personal experiences with the product, positive or negative.
6.) Become a woot! staff member and provide up to date information about product status.
7.) Astound us with your wit. This one is, obviously, flexible and subjective. You might throw your $10 in here.
8.) The general "something needs attention drawn to it" category that's a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit in above. =)

These are general guidelines, not laws. For a better feel of what constitutes a quality post, feel free to check the main page on any given day, or look at the front page of any previous woot! product thread.

Note that quality posts tend to vary a bit from site to site, too. Over at wine.woot, you might notice additional tags like [WINERY] or , which, you know, designate the post as coming from one of our guests that week, or someone partaking of the labrat program. Shirt.woot will have an [ARTIST] from time to time and tends to rely more on humor.

Also, the closer the post is made to midnight (central time), the more likely it is to appear as a quality post.

We have to do all of these? That sounds like a lot of work but such a post would definitely be of superior quality!

Also, as close as possible to midnight before midnight or after midnight?


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edthebedhead wrote:What constitutes a quality post? is this cumulative? do tell. do tell.

There are three ways to get a quality post:

1. Bribe the staff (very effective)
2. Make a funny comment (very subjective)
3. Provide useful information (boring!)


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Gatzby wrote:Yes, the $10 is mandatory.


Also, the closer the post is made to midnight (central time), the more likely it is to appear as a quality post.

I can see where the posts nearer to midnight are helpful to those who would like to buy an item and those posts letting people know where to find reviews and specifications help Woot! sell the item. Yes; they can be quality posts. The sad thing is that so many quality posts go unnoticed because of this.

First, let me say that the quality post count can be a great help Woot!. People who see this can be more confident in the responses they get from them. They shouldn't be given out lightly. That said, back to my point.

There is a wide difference in the discussion depending on what is being offered. A recent purchase on kids.woot of and art kit ended as soon as it was sold out (period). On the other hand a tablet/reader device, even thought the company had gone out of business, is still going and I assume will still be going for some time in the future. There are people sitting there waiting to assist those who need help getting this device up and running including a non standard upgrade so it will be a useful device for them. They also have to endure the endless number of "when will it ship" and "when will it arrive" questions to find the ones who need that help. May I also say, patiently answering those question for the nth time.

Somebody should be monitoring this type of activity and note those posts that deserve to be labeled quality. Its dedication by these unpaid and mostly unrecognized that help keep your customers coming back. A little recognition is a small price to pay for all they have done for Woot!

Just my $0.02 worth.

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Everything I say should be a considered a quality post but yet I have none. It's obviously a flawed system.