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kdccrosby wrote:more of a piss up???


And the blue guy was waving at you!


Ripples back at the blue guy!

Grumpy 'til the day I die.


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Sorry, I'm only lurking cause I've nothing to say.

I want to see Sherlock Holmes...Probably on for tomorrow morning!


My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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kdccrosby wrote:That's not going to be fun to clean up. but after 8 hours, you might as well wait till tomorrow.

How was your day otherwise?

Very nice.

I think my guardian angel drinks.


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pooflady wrote:Very nice.

Glad to hear it!

We had originally planned to go to the movies tonight after my Dad left, but we were all out of steam.

Not sure why my sister was tired, she slept late!


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Just wrapping up the evening here. Had friends drop in to give us some gifts and they hung out for a few hours through dinner. Kids played all day! New stuff is a huge hit, then called all the relatives (well most of them) and had some great pies!

I've had a really fun day assembling everything. I like assembling things.

I agree that Sherlock Holmes is not the kind of character to be an action hero.

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