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arrrh blaah


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Got my epic adventure!!!!!!!


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It's like a self-contained woot-off

Erick R Williams
Only worry about the present. The past is over and the future will be the present soon enough


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Now THAT was cool. We didn't get the win, but We had fun trying

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  • InCharge for Xbox 360 Inductive Charging System X 3
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  • Razer HP-1 Barracuda Gaming Headphones
  • Rumble on the Rock/Icon Sport/Cage Rage DVD Set
  • Philips amBX Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game
  • Ridiculously Large 8-Device Universal Remote
  • Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera
  • Fact or Crap calendars x6
  • Philips/DLO FM Transmitter and Charger for Zune


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We was just eaten by a Grue.


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Ah, the confirmation gods have smiled on me! An adventure is on its way!

Thanks, Woot!

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Woooooooo! My order is still processing on the Woot! site, but just got my confirmation email for my awesome Book of adventure! Thanks Woot! Really enjoyed the adventure series!


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November Fool


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WOOT! In for one Adventure Carp!
Thanks again WOOT!


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Did anyone else check their bank statement and see two orders? We also got 2 emails.


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you are KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEE 50 minutes of this! ARGH

Cherie, xxxooo


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Says one is reserved -- processing! GO WOOT! Thanks!

Cat puns freak meowt - Seriously - I'm not kitten!


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Sigh...We was on that page about ten times but didn't see it. Finally groped it, hit the We Want One button, and waited...and waited...and got redirected to the homepage after 10-15 minutes. By the time We navigated my way back, it was gone.

Alas, We guess it wasn't meant to be. Still, thanks, Woot Writers. It was a lot of fun, and We really enjoyed reading the adventure (even if We didn't get any carp out of it). One day, though, We'll get my first!


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We didn't get one, but We liked this.

much better than the random numbers ones, We didn't like those.


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Setral wrote:Man... We hope We got in, my order screen was stuck at processing, then it dumped me to my account screen. No confirmation email yet, and it wouldn't let me buy it again saying We already on the sale... fingers crossed.

Woot, the woot guys have shined on me. Just got my confirmation email and my card has been charged.

Officially my second adventure, and my birthday is in less than three weeks, hope it's some lovely adventure.


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Snagged a Bowl of Cereal


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GLOW IN THE DARK WOOT koala from the waffleiron!!!!


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Well this is interesting.


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We am thoroughly impressed woot. We may not have won the prize, but it was a unique and frustrating experience! Good job on keeping the cheaters at bay!


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Dman27 wrote:in the woot off light and 10$ coupon

does the coupon come in the email or the box? bc if in email ill buy the random shirt today!?

The coupon is right there on the page.


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This was awesome.

Probably my closest chance at even getting one.

And yet We still failed.

Good waste of an hour.


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\:D/ A Winner Is Me! \:D/

Just got the confirmation email - doesn't show up in my account yet, but We have implicit faith in the Woot! fairies.


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RobinBobcat wrote:Oh *nutmonkeys*... it's not the same each time you run through...

*flails randomly*

Isn't it? We have the whole thing mapped out, and We'm repeating the paths and they are all the same.

What are you doing to get a different set of outcomes the next time?


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We got one myself... All We can say is WOW Woot Staff. You guys did an awsome job and it shows. Long live the epic adventure. We might even give "jazz" a try.


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on 4/1/2010, you successfully wooted.
You want 1

Adventure adventure
You ordered 3 Random adventure.
which each cost $3.00
for a subtotal of $3.00
plus shipping + $5.00
for a total of $8.00

bought it at 130 exactly, took 18 minutes!

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Santa's Sack of Crap : 12/25/11
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Godspeed You! Black Craperor : 1/20/15
Crapbusters : 10/30/15
Is this the Last Crap of the Year? : 12/29/15
Crapios : 4/19/16
InstaCrap (Title by burgundybooks) : 7/12/16
A Fool and His Crap Are Soon Parted : 11/28/16
Boughs of Craply : 12/25/16


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Holy frijoles, after an epic wait of "processing" for 39 minutes, GROPE ACCOMPLISHED.

Even under the influence of benedryl. We feel like Alice.


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We freakin love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw - these lil earbuds are AWESOME - buy three - you wont regret it



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Finally my B.O.Adventure finished processing...We'm in. ;)

My wife's however is still processing.

I'm 1 of the infamous "Honest 200".


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We must be really awesome because We cant figure this The Strangers (2008) out.


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My card got charged for a glow-in-the-dark woot koala, We got a confirmation email, but it's no longer showing up in My Account. We clicked on the link in the email and it says the page is no longer active. What's up with that?


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anybody else get the confirmation email and see it listed on the My Account screen...then go back later and it's not listed there anymore?


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To little to late.groped it and SOLD OUT. NOOOO


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We still cant find it... We need to go to bed. Please someone help


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Still can't find the path...what am We doing wrong?!?!

  • 10/21/10 Random Crap
  • 9/22/10 Random Crap
  • Woot-off Lights
  • Motorola Xbox 360 Gaming Headset
  • 4/28/10 Random Crap
  • Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook with Accessory Kit
  • Screaming Glow-in-the-Dark Monkey with Woot Cape
  • 2/25/10 Random Crap
  • Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock
  • Dorcy LED Mini Keychain Light
  • Pro-Form Precision Trainer XT Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap
  • Random Crap 03/09/11
  • sivadnitsuj

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    my first adventure...guess We will have to wait to see how crappy it actually is...We have tried like the last 7 wootoffs with no luck...but on fools day...thanks woot...finally...


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    This is kinda fun, even if We don't find anything We want/need/can afford. But the mini-tripod for a penny could be a steal if you need one or 3.


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    missed it again....


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    epic adventure'S ARE SOLD OUT!!!


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    My order for koalas still isn't showing up on my account or in my emails.

    But it says We already purchased it, so We can't reorder.

    So woot you better actually come through.. or We might quit.

    Woot Shirts are my weakness...& Woot Monkeys...
    ... if I had a Woot Shirt with a Woot Monkey on it.. I may die of happiness...


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    CONFIRMED!!! Well worth staying up late to get no sleep before a terrible meeting in 5 hours... :D

    Last w00t!: w00t! branded skillet. WOOT!