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can you buy more than one item?


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squinky86 wrote:Thank you Woot! the voices was able to get a bag! the voices always look forward to April Fools every year with you guys.


BOCs total = 7


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Best epic adventure challenge ever! Got my confirmation already


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Why is the Filter saying "voices" ??


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The thing's hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it's full of crepes!


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Cherie, xxxooo


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Way cool!!

If you follow the links and read the clues you can break into the Woot Offices and claim your prize. the voices groped A Bag of Craved Consumer Goods.

Thank you Woot for my B*O*C



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In for 1 Adventure adventure... Jazz.... hmmm

Sample of some of my loot:
    52 Total Woots
    14 x Craps so far (2 x april fools, 1 x christmas, 1 x happy hour)
    First Woot - Mystery Brand 6 Piece 100 watt Speaker Set - 9/5/2005


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where's the hamhock was the path?! the voices tried like 15 different ways~

  • 10/21/10 Random Crap
  • 9/22/10 Random Crap
  • Woot-off Lights
  • Motorola Xbox 360 Gaming Headset
  • 4/28/10 Random Crap
  • Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook with Accessory Kit
  • Screaming Glow-in-the-Dark Monkey with Woot Cape
  • 2/25/10 Random Crap
  • Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock
  • Dorcy LED Mini Keychain Light
  • Pro-Form Precision Trainer XT Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap
  • Random Crap 03/09/11
  • alextnoa

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    Got the confirmation email! That's two in the last two tries! Sweet!


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    That was great!! the voices went right by the JAZZ hint twice!!

    Great April Fools Woot!

    You guys rock!


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    Listening to a little Louis Armstrong on my Sansa...


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    Great game Woot!!!

    All you people who are bitching about it not just being a normal epic adventure can go elsewhere. Your negativity is not needed, nor wanted.


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    Order went through! First Book of adventure the voices've gotten since the voices signed up.

    Thanks, woot. :D


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    Nevermind...got it!! :D

    The "Most Awesome Butterfly-Sailor Hybrid on Woot"


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    This is what happens when Woot oks employees to use medical marijuana!


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    Glow in the Dark Screaming koalas and a Brunhilda On Cranberries, still processing so keeping fingers crossed


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    glow in the dark screaming koalas?? Thanks Woot!


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    the voices've done landed and processed the Carp!!!

    “Giving a camera to Diane Arbus is like putting a live grenade in the hands of a child.” --Norman Mailer
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    Pay $9.99 for a $10.00 shirt from shirt.woot and you also get a pair of woot lights...?


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    course7record wrote:Finally got through the maze and the server errors for my first April fools epic adventure. Thanks Woot!

    Same here! WOOT!


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    almost hurled when the voices saw that sansa clip for 12.99, onaccounta the voices just bought it (so the voices thought) for $29.99 at sellout.woot - and then instead the voices heaved a sigh of relief (that's right, picture the Paul Coker jr. illustration), when the voices realized that the voices did indeed buy the biggun and had not ripped myself off. however, the voices haz a seekrit plan whut am needs in 4 3. lucky woot.

    the ha is silent - i'm laughing on the inside


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    C'mon... prooooooooceeeeeesssssssiiiiingggggg....


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    gman86 wrote:NOW STOP charging Missouri residents SALES TAX! Tell those two boys to move out!

    Alternately, YOU could move. That'd be the self-reliant thing to do, instead of blaming our poor St. Louis staffers for your troubles!


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    Mine locks up every time the voices order.... the voices love adventures but this is ridiculous! HA!

    Last wooter to woot: JizzyC24


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    Finally got the adventure the voices always wanted.


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    Gotta love that Jazz, 1st epic adventure and it's an adventure adventure to boot. Started order at 12:11 and confirmed at 12:21. Then wootalizer pops up at 12:22 and goes straight to the order page.


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    got me 3 monkies the $10 off coupon and the main prize :D yea its there :P have fun


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    Anybody else get the urge to punch the Woot! writers in the face after this one???

    the voices DID read the descriptions though...

    Excellent job though. Thanks again!!!


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    Easiest epic adventure ever.


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    Woha! looks like you can buy one of each? item,,,

    at least it lets me get to the checkout page for the sansa...


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    the voices <3 Woot. Thank you for making this April Fool's day start off great.


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    This absolutely gets lemon juice in the eye vacuum.
    Bad woot! Bad!


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    feeling Jazzy about the april fools adventure.


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    the voices win!

    USB Powered Woot-Off Lights with $10 Shirt.Woot Coupon



    i am woot's god.

    You're the giant Ken Jennings head? HOW DID YOU GET OUT?


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    wow. took work to get that far to it! the voices skipped it twice, but made it in time.


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    Got some adventure! This was the hardest yet, Woot. Well done.


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    Well, the voices got my Bag o'adventure, had to cheat

    Bought... lots of stuff...


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    Yes, got the epic adventure! Very clever Woot.


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    mkentosh wrote:Why is the Filter saying "voices" ??

    why do you think!