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You probably won’t see anything else on YouTube this week as compelling as Thomas Shahan’s “An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography.” Shahan is an unusual breed of wildlife photographer, capturing gorgeous images of some truly bizarre-looking fauna you might nonetheless have in (or near) your backyard.

He claims the bug-snapping game is more about having persistence than about having high-end gear, but it’s obvious it also helps to have an artistic eye—and Shahan sure does. A gallery of his utterly stunning photos can be found on his site; check it out after you watch this video:

And if you HAVE seen something on YouTube this week that you find more compelling than this, by all means, hip us to it in the comments below.



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Really caught my attention and made me think about the world we live in today and what it means to live in an online society day in and day out. Thoughts?


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Bugs are EVERYwhere. some of them are really incredible looking when you get to that level of magnification. God IS in the details. Thanks.


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truly amazing images and video


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@0'09": We now discover yet another thing Jaoquin Phoenix did on his goofball haitus from film. I would have much rather seen this get publicity than his pseudo-rap career attempt.


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This was completely mesmerizing. Great find!


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probably not more "compelling", but it DOES deal with wildlife. And it's gone viral.



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In my opinion, which is worth very little, this is the greatest bug video ever made.


It's also the first YouTube video I ever saw.

P.S.(I'm sorry Thunderthighs that I did not make the link into that word thingy that you can click on by adding some ...'s and some ///'s and http kind of stuff. I tried, I really did.)

I think I've been here before.


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I thank you for this...I was sitting outside on the bench at work, watching a spider (probably a jumping spider) I thought it was kind of cute. My friend sits down and the spider hid between the boards. It came out a few minutes later and I tried to feed it some hamburger. He would not touch it. My friend sees that and jumps up, he as going to kill it. I said wait wait wait this thing is very cool just watch. I got the burger closer he backed away. I was a bit disappointed to say the least. I smacked a fly dead with a ball cap. The spider was not interested in the dead snack I prepared. My friend was growing impatient and had the look of a spider killer in his eyes again. Hang on I pleaded. I smacked a 2nd spider with the cap this time not as hard. The fly was dazed and walking around I pushed it slightly toward the spider. Hmm some interest appeared on the spiders face, he was looking at the wounded fly. The distance was to great for the spider to reach the fly. It was at least 4 spider lengths distance between my new buddy and the dazed fly next thing I saw was the 2 became one. I blinked and looked again. Did the fly leave? No. The spider had the butt end of the fly twitching out of it's mouth. The spider coved the distance between his lunch and himself in a flash. I think my friend will have a hard time killing spiders from now on.

Please don't delete this post, I am trying, honest!


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Found this today on Reddit. MORE super awesome up close images, this time of ants:



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llandar wrote:Found this today on Reddit. MORE super awesome up close images, this time of ants:


Holy cow! Ant #6 has Donald Trump's hair! Now we know the secret of The Donald - he was raised by ants!

I think I've been here before.