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People go to great lengths to present just the right image of themselves to the outside world. Hell, there are billions of dollars spent every year on make-up, plastic surgery, "miracle" diets, and clothing to make us look our very best in public. But Sacha Goldberger wanted to look at the other side; the side that's not too far removed from sprinting across fields to try and spear a mammoth. So he and his team set up an outdoor photo studio near Paris and asked joggers passing by to sprint, then let him take a picture while they were gasping for air. Now, thanks to My Modern Met, you can see the debut of the results...


Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 10.51.24 AM
"Jogging? Uh, yeah. I'm jogging. If the police ask, that's what I'm doing."


Next to each shot of an out-of-breath jogger is a photo taken later, when the joggers came to Goldberger's studio for a follow-up shot. The artist presents it as a look at "the difference between our natural and brute side versus how we represent ourselves to society." It's really neat stuff. But seriously. The jogging pictures make people look like crap. 

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 10.51.46 AM
"On the left: an extra from Trainspotting. On the right: Bill Nye's long-lost brother...Gill...Pye."

I know, I know, that's kinda the point, but before you blast me with your "OMG JOGGING IS THE HEALTHIEST ACTIVITY KNOWN TO MAN U R TEH SUX0RR!11eleven!" diatribe, let me ask you this: if you saw someone playing video games who looked this terrible, wouldn't you suggest they stop? In fact, if you saw ANY activity make someone look so rough, would you want to do it yourself? Okay, fine, sex. But anything ELSE?


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That first one is totally hotter in the before.

Nothing follows.


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Honestly, this just outlines just how fake people make themselves up on a regular basis. The right hand photos look over-prim'ed, too much makeup and just aren't natural.

Not that people look great at the peak of an exercise, but remember that one leads to the other - without exercise they certainly won't look as good under their 3lbs of makeup.


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Go look at the original article. The really creepy/weird one is the guy that goes from red wind breaker to red tie. WOW.
I also like how one girl was rubbing her nose. He must have said "Perfect" and she's like, "but I was wiping my nose." Oh well, that's art.


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taternuggets wrote:That first one is totally hotter in the before.

I agree.


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taternuggets wrote:That first one is totally hotter in the before.

You just like 'em dirty. Me too.


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That last lady's hair is totally the same in both pics. That would make me rethink my hairstyle.

Also, as a person with long hair, where is the ponytail on girl #1? (Yeah, that's "number one" not "hashtag one" you Twits...stop taking my precious symbols and using them for other things!) I can't imaging doing any kind of physical activity with my hair in my face. Five minutes of that is enough to make a girl want to shave her head.

Even on a cloudy day, I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun...


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I would say that photo study missed something: try taking a picture of someone in business dress running and the same person in running clothes running and seeing which one looks better. They shot those portraits in the frame of mind to make business dress look good... I would say people running/swimming/cycling etc is far more graceful and beautiful than a starched and pressed uniform.


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Is it just me, or do they all have lazy eyes?



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They sure do like to wear brown clothes as well.

wow. I actually bought a Robot Elvis.
What was I thinking?


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taternuggets wrote:That first one is totally hotter in the before.

If you like... ermm... "street women" maybe.