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Over the weekend Scott visited the 2012 Toy Fair in New York City. Since the rest of the world was freaking out over little purple skrulls, Scott decided to find something more worthwhile. And he did! This week he'll be recapping the high points from his wandering. Be sure to keep one eye here and the other on our kids.woot blog so you can enjoy all the posts in full.


all the people


See that huge crowd? That's all that was standing between me and the very latest toys of the year. I enjoyed the good, endured the bad, and now I'm ready to award The Best Of Toy Fair 2012! Join me after the jump to seeā€¦ okay, fine, here's a little preview:

Best Four Dimensional Puzzle

bright lights big city


The 4D Cityscape Time Puzzle could be the perfect thing for a never-ending rainy day. First you slap the outline into place, then you start putting down buildings, then you consult the included chart to replace the buildings over time. Miss the skyline of Manhattan in the 1970s? Want to see how Tokyo evolved from the 80s to today? Just feel like playing Doctor Who and jumping from age to age? Just want a little diorama of the '50s? These puzzles have you covered no matter which way you play it.

Want more toys? Come inside!

There were plenty of things at Toy Far you just wouldn't care about. And then there were the creme de la cremes, the toys that made me wish I could buy a one right then and there. I'm pretty sure that most of you will understand why, especially after you see...

Best Indirect Homage

cart schleich


Spartacus fan? Schleich's battle rhinoceros is probably as close as you'll ever get to a Doctore action figure. Designed to make your inner twelve year old scream "Mommy, buy me that!" at the top of his or her lungs, this well-sculpted toy really captures the feeling of, well, attacking someone with your rhinoceros. Here's a slightly closer version if you want to see the face. Good stuff, right?

Best Flat-Out Swipe

not really royal


"No," Playmobil said when I asked them about this familiar face, "It's just a singer! You'd never have to license a random singer!" And yet, check out that convict in the foreground. Dare we call it a Freudian slip? Deep in his heart, the set-up guy knows the truth.

Best College Dorm Toy



TheO is a snazzy orange ball in which your iPhone gets stuffed. Then you throw your iPhone across the room. Before you say "Not in a million years!" take our word for it: your iPhone is never ever ever popping out. The TheO is well designed and tough and will keep your technology safe. Check out this eighteen year old kid trying to wreck it by bowling:


first frame down


Use the software to connect to a computer or a smart TV and you've got a whole new way to play your games. And even better, we were told TheO's website will soon launch a downloadable software suite so programmers can design their own ball throwing games for fun. The potential for real world violence and open source? Sign. Us. Up.

Best Executive Desk Toy

desk toy


CHH takes it to the rim with this wooden basketball game (with manual score-counter!) that will add a little class to your cubicle. Even if you never play it, it'll still mark you as a fan. We're just hoping it'll be out before March Madness begins.

Best Stuffed Animal For Grown-Ups

hot doggies


Up-and-coming company Aroma Home has this happy little puppy pillow for cold, cold nights. Microwave him for about a minute and you'll be snuggling into a bedtime friend who'll hold his heat for a few hours. Also, see that ladybug to the right? If you're looking for a place to keep the remote control, that bug's for you. Toys aren't just for kids these days, you know.

Scott's got more to come all this week, including more "Best Of" winners and a look at the annual mascot parade. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Oh, and sorry if we spoiled the skrull thing for you. But, in our hearts, we all knew they'd show up eventually.


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I've always enjoyed these posts, but my work blocks Flickr.... :-(


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I have one of those stuffed animals that you microwave. It's one of the coolest toys I own other than a farting hippo.



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Kids, don't put your pets in the microwave.


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How long before the iphone ball gets a dodgeball app? Or a COD style grenadier app?

Or the ultimatem iphone curling! Just in time for pre-olympic hype!