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No monkeys??

I'm just glad the lights are gone.

Not a fun wootoff.


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No Todd's Dirt Seasoning either!!!!


quality posts: 9 Private Messages sutures

Worst... Woot-off... Ever!



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The sound of 100s of wootalyzers being turned off....

That seemed like a big business run woot off...


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Bundles of Clones count - 3


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Well on the plus side, no one remembers that PR nightmare when Woot! raised the prices on shirts and then switched to a company that makes their blanks out of the country for cheaper. Well played Woot!, well played.


quality posts: 42 Private Messages cindihoward

Needs a backlit keyboard...sigh



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Great specs for the price except that processor is god awful. Pretty much makes it not worth it. Is 1.4 Ghz a typo? Does Woot! mean 2.4 Ghz? If not, there are faster cell phones.


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I need to change my answer to the question about the wootoff quality that was asked a couple days ago. I can now confirm that this was the worst wootoff ever. No Barrels of Crud nor shirt.woot sale, Dot's Poetry Corner

edit: wow, l4m3 gets edited to Dot's Poetry Corner, so this is what it's like to be trolled


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Seems like it has been down hill since Amazon bought Woot!. I'm taxed on purchases now. $12 t-shirts. And this crappy woot off. WEAK!


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havent been here in a while, and apparently missed 99.9% of this one. So how do you all know its over again?


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I know we always say it but I don't know how this COULDN'T be the worse woot-off ever. We didn't even get any monkeys or some Dot's Poetry Corner FU toilet flusher or anything like that to finish it off.


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we can all get a good night's sleep now.



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sensenigk wrote:I don't expect a bandolier of carrots every wootoff. But I do expect a happy ending! No screaming monkeys, no woot off lights, no nothing? Kinda leaves me limp.

My thoughts EXACTLY.


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No bandolier of carrots...good thing i'm a carnivore my F-5 finger was getting itchy


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Just like my last date... 3 days of anxiously waiting and no happy ending...


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Bag of Cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!


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LJMillard wrote:I'm glad it's over. I was getting tired of the sirens and rooster crows.


I ain't signing anything! What? It's not that kind of signature? Oh. So that's what it is? Oh. I'm still not interested.


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I feel like they're playing a cruel joke on us and in 30 minutes a Bag of Cuuuuuuuuuute! will miraculously show up... one can only hope right?

Tamara Acevedo


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haloman800 wrote:LOL



Cheers. My setiments exactly.. Time for the beggars to beg for a free restaurant meal and free gas.. Welcome to the cold cruel real world. As Tom Hanks said in one of his movies: There's no crying...


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I just wanted some monkeys...

was that so much to ask?

*sobs in a corner


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Did you send someone to my house last week to sabotage my wife's laptop? Strange how it died right as she's going back to school, and right as you guys are about to offer this great deal.

Hmmm...that might explain the black helicopters...

Blessings Of Commerce> Seven!
Woots> 36 and counting!
Sellout Woots> Eight.
Shirt Woots> Two (BoCarrots, The Raven).
Kids Woots> Eight.


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Hay, has anyone complained about how awful the woot-off was yet?


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Its just a ploy to see who will stay up. The monkeys and the Bongos Over Canada come after this junk sells out. Wait and see (and tell me about it in the morning).


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I wonder if Woot didn't expect the Woot-off to go that long and their software just automatically put this up.

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11/17/06 • Ridiculously Large Universal Remote Control (1) | 11/17/16 • Random Crap (3)


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Having no expectations coming into this woot-off I am perfectly satisfied. At least now all the posts from whiny people with entitlement issues will slowly fade away until the next woot-off. ;)


Do the people want fire that can be applied nasally? -Golgafrinchan Marketing Consultant


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I vaguely recall this happening before a couple of years ago, but they ended up restarting the woot-off. Doesn't look like it this time around though.


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jpawmsu wrote:its over.

Everyone should cancel the items they bought.

lol I feel like you're being a tad bit dramatic there.


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Three Days and all I ended up with was some Schwetty balls...


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Oh, quit the whining already! It's gone on for three frickin' days!!!!


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silo11 wrote:was on home.woot this time

Doesn't count. They had quantity of 3. Yes, THREE. As in one person got them.


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I realize they don't have to do a Bag of Cuuuuuuuuuute! every wootoff, but what has become of woot when they dont even put up a screaming monkey, or at least some lights.


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I cannot even express my anger towards Woot!...not for no Barrels of Crud because I have too slow of an internet, but for no flying word can describe the emotions that I have towards Woot!, but if there was a word that could describe it I'm sure the word would kill anyone that used it.


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I have this same dv7 but with an i72670QM in it...slightly faster processor, but aside from that everything it the same. I know these had a problem with some screen flicker/connectivity problems so that may be what the mass refurb was that enabled woot to get their hands on them. Aside from the processor though this is a seemless machine, and the processor isn't that bad. Slap a $99 (-30) SqT warranty on it and your good to go.


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And then there was the amazingly engaging and not-at-all-crappy-or-tedious game of 'guess the specific model of cookware we happened to buy too many of and are trying to pawn off as a 'kids' item because we have something worse in mind for 'home' and hey have you seen the Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System of which we're the sole distributor?'


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Sad for no Backpacks of Crabs.. But! I did get two things I needed and one I just wanted!


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That blew my mind. No monkeys and no Barrels of Crud Wow this place is going tot he dogs fast.


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I am really bummed that there was no Bag of Cuuuuuuuuuute!.
I quit woot! forever!
Big Waste of Time!

After 8 years, I want a divorce!


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I am shocked. No bag of crud. No flying monkeys. Nothing but wasting my time. Can we get a Woot explanation?

13 X to date.


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I predict another woot off tomorrow, Bag of Cuuuuuuuuuute! and all.