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Life ain't nothin' but bread bits and racin'. Aw, yeah. That's how it goes when you're livin' the Duck Life. Duck Life 4 puts you in the role of an adorable little duck at the very start of his or her racing career. You don't start with the hat, I just bought one to make it easier to notice the protagonist.


day one


Click on the other ducks and you'll find out what they've got goin' on. Some will race you, some will train you, and some will help you earn tickets to a much larger series of tournaments that will unlock more levels. Be aware that you're going to want to train your duck as much as you can, because the higher your skills, the better you'll do in each race! And if your skills aren't up to par, those other ducks will leave your feathered butt in the dust.


oh no


Also be aware that every now and then, you might feel like the game is buggy and hard to play. Sometimes the duck controls aren't as polite as you'd hope. But I can attest that they all work, and if you can't figure out a training game, keep at it, because as you grow in levels the ducks will get easier to manage. You can also go back to previous environments and raise the skills you had, just in case the new ducks keep outrunning, outswimming, or outflying you, and you decide you need higher levels so you can dominate the flock out of them.


eye of the tiger


Sadly, the game pretty much requires you to buy a second duck before the end, so don't think you can finish the game with one solitary super-statted mallard. Remember to start collecting coins early on and the purchase won't be too much of a problem later.


tough city


Take the afternoon and try to beat Duck Life 4, just to prove you can. Also maybe grab some headphones before you start? The race music is totally worth hearing at least once.


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This is true. Ducklife was a great game to play, although the ending is lackluster at best.