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St. Patrick's Day of course! And speaking as a full blooded Irish woman, that means NO GREEN BEER! Guinness is the true drink!


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Obviously St. Patrick's day as has been stated, but the more prominent association in my mind when I think of March is clover.


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The snow melting, so sad :/


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My anniversary and St. Pat's Day - I can never forget either...


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My wedding anniversary...5 years this March!

Even on a cloudy day, I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun...


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My birthday. Which is on St Patrick's Day. Plus my son's birthday, just beforehand.


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let's.... go... fly... a kite!
Up ... to... the ... highest height!
OH Let's go...... fly a kite!


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Hut, two, three, four!


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Your forgot St. Patrick's day!!! One of the best holidays of the year!


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Daylight Savings Time starts!!! I love it.

So when is this "Old enough to know better" supposed to kick in?


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theslt wrote:Really? Girl scouts must be slow in your area. Around here February is Girl Scout Cookie Time!

They're already posted outside Walmart here. $3.50 a box.


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My birthday?

Woot x13
ShirtWoot x26
KidsWoot x5


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My birthday =)