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Here we are again, gang! Time for another weekly installment of The United States of Songs, my quest to identify each state in the union with a song that best speaks to its personality or drive myself insane in the process. You know the rules by now, so let's dive right in to Little Rhody!

The state: Rhode Island
The song: "Poor Little Rhode Island" as performed by Guy Lombardo and His Orchestra (sorry about the Myspace player)



The Ocean State's the smallest state in area, 8th-least-populous state in the country, and yet the 2nd most densely populated. It was one of the original 13 colonies to declare independence from Great Britain, and we've officially run out of things I know about Rhode Island. I've never been. I don't really know what's up there, other than Roger Williams University, where one of my best pals went to school.


Newport, Rhode Island
He majored in Yuppie.

It's nothing against Rhode Island; it's just sort of tucked up there out of the way. I don't make my way to the Northeast very often, but I do have a personal goal of visiting every state so hopefully I'll get a chance to check it out for myself some day soon. Still, I think this song gives Rhode Island its due. It comes off as tongue-in-cheek, lamenting all the things Rhode Island doesn't have but still sort of emptily professing the state's still got charm. And I bet it does! Maybe it's the best-kept secret in the nation. Especially if you're one of those pinko-commie-liberal socialists: Rhode Island's about as blue as blue states come, with no capital punishment, wide and all-encompassing social safety nets, and some of the highest tax rates in the nation.

Oh, and up until 2009 prostitution was still legal.

Let me know what you think, Rhode Islanders (Rhodies?). This song's for you!

Runner-up: "

Rhode Island Is Famous For You

" as performed by Erin McKeown
Most Laughable Suggestion: "

Rhode Island

" by Apathy

Flickr photo Newport, Rhode Island by Doug Kerr used under a Creative Commons License.



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Yuppies? RI had the first US Polo match, first lawn tennis championship and first open golf tourney...yeah, there is a lot of yuppies here.

Fact check here


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Also, RISD, the top art school in the country! It's a magical place.


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SC suggestions:
Carolina Girls (best in the world :D)
SC State Song(?)
and my favorite which was unfortunately used for North Carolina (sigh)
Carolina In My Mind

How could I forget?
Carolina in the Morning
I saw a license plate today that said "Nothing Finer" at the top that reminded me of this song.

Examine Bindle of Carrots.
What Bindle of Carrots?


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Yes, I think Carolina Girls (Best in the World) by the Embers might be a great song for SC. Makes me nostalgic for the Pavilion at Myrtle Beach, cruising OD and of course, the Shag.

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