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Duracell USB Charger w/ AC Adapter

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Not again.



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wardosu wrote:Only Buy ENERGIZER!

Ahem... the wife works for Duracell. Energizer is a four letter word in this house.


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no micro-usb? ignore all the clever Android users? Duracell are fools!


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This thing is horrible!!! I purchased it on woot a month ago. It only holds a charge on my Droid X for 15-30 minutes when it is fully charged!


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Will this work w/iPad?


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I love mine. I got it when they had a 2 pack deal on them on woot. One is with my son who always used the excuse of his cell went dead. No more excuses of dead cell when you have a full backup.

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okpych wrote:Will this work w/iPad?

It will not work with Ipad. Very useful for smaller items on the go.


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I got a two pack of these from Woot at some point, but they were smaller. They work great for power on the go, as well as powering an Arduino project. I think you have to remove the thing that turns the charger off when there's not enough current being drawn, though (the Arduino doesn't draw very much power).


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Damn I missed it...


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This guy literally saved my life in New Orleans. My phone would have died by 2-3am and we stayed out until 5 so without this I literally might not have ever found my friends.

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pumped about getting my usb charger!