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hackman2007 wrote:Sent you a PM about the mount, if you still have it

I do have it. I think I can even get Luna to stop hovering over it, but I'll have to give her another Woot! box as a substitute.

Check your PM.


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My Bunnies Ogling Carrots arrived Fri. It was pretty standard, but awesome none-the-less...

  • 1x Green and Purple grocery shopping bag
  • 1x MM "Zombie Bait" shirt
  • 1x Earl Grey Flowering Tea
  • 1x iGo Universal In-Car Charger
  • 1x Pop-up/Pop-down Law Sprinkler
  • 3x Tabletop Tripod

I gave most of it away to my boyfriend's family, which (luckily) could find uses for them, so everyone's happy!

Thanks Woot for another great opportunity!


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pitchleague wrote:I got my box yesterday, 2 whole days earlier than expected.

This being my 3rd carrot-bearing container, I just kind of went with it, although it's always exciting.


1 x generic Black duffle bage
2 x very small shirt.woot Back to the Future themed shirts
2 x packs of Fuji AA & AAA batteries (24 count?)
1 x Bug zapper tennis racket
1 x 2012 SI Swimsuit calendar
several bags of Texas air

and I, too, got a TURTLE BEACH EARFORCE X41 wireless digital headset! Retails for a lot more than $3!

Thanks Woot! Very much appreciated!

just an update: The headset, while it technically works, was obviously a refurb as the speakers sound good but cannot play any bass at all without crackling up. Thus, they were part of my carrots but only work partway.

Anybody else that got these have a problem with theirs as well? Just wondering.

Please note that I'm not complaining whatsoever. Just wondering if all of the X41 headsets sent out were semi-broken or if I just got the "bad pair."


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Thank you woot! Some crazy stuff this time around. (10lbs)

The standard! Too bad I don't have a yard..

Come on woot! You didn't even mark off the price tag!

I think this guy is a NASCAR driver

FINALLY! I'm so sick of having to reach all the way over to the handle to flush my toilet..

Apparently for home use only

Haven't opened it yet, but I feel like something may not be right with this

Pet blanket for my imaginary pet! Not sure what distinguishes it from a normal blanket..



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Sigh. Still waiting on my crap. Post office tried to deliver it on Friday, while I was away on a long holiday weekend... I was hoping they would leave it on the front porch and the neighbor would bring it in, but alas they left a delivery notification instead (which they normally NEVER do) commanding me to pick it up at the local post office. Which, given my work location and hours, will not happen this week.

Curse you, elusive crap! I guess I'll see what my 17.7 lbs holds in store for me next Saturday. Unless any Brooklyn/NYC Wooters want to pick it up for me, and we can have a crap opening party? PM me!


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Ermac wrote:Thank you woot! Some crazy stuff this time around. (10lbs)

Modest Mouse Fans get the best Bags of Craps


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I just realized something.
When I was picking up my Bundle of Cream on my bike home from work, I spotted the mailman and went FULL SPEED up the side of the apartment complex. Spotted the mailman *signing the "sorry we missed you" ticket!* Slammed my back brakes and did a power slide up to the apartment to receive my Crap.
Awesome, right?
... right?!
Until I realized the next day that I bent my wheel out by like, a good half inch.
Cost me another $8 to get it straightened!

Notable Woots:
1 Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Kit, 2 MuzxDNA Earphones (one lost, one destroyed) superceded by 2 MEElectronics M16 Earphones, 2 Phantom S107's, 1 Art101 124-piece art set, iGo rechargable battery set, way more Fuji batteries than I immediately know what to do with, 1 Dell Streak 7" Tablet
1 Big Old Chevy dated 3/22/2011, #4 of the night (!).
1 Bundle of Caravans dated 4/25/2011


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I was going to make an unboxing and post it here, but I was too excited to wait! I got:

-One of those duffel bags that Woot! has recently taken a liking to giving (black). I have three of these, I love them!
-A footflush (a device for flushing the toilet with your foot so that you don't have to dirty your hands on the flusher!)
-20 replacement robomop dust pads (http://www.robomop.com/?page_id=123). I don't have one of these, but I found it funny.
-A pair of black suede ladies Isotoner gloves. They fit my mom perfectly.
-A set of kitchen utensils, including a pizza slicer, a strawberry huller and a garlic press.
-Two (2) 2012 (Two thousand twelve) Woot! calendars. My only regret is paying $5 for shipping for one in the last Woot!-off, but now I have some to give to my friends.
-One (1) XL (Extra Large) plan yellow/gold/orange T-shirt.
-In-ear headphone/microphone set. Works with my droid, so I'm happy! Only qualm is that the button can't be used to answer calls and that it is illegal to drive with earbuds in, so I STILL can't talk and drive.
-Lastly, but certainly far from least, I got a 64 GB shock-resistant Centon flash drive! (http://moofi.woot.com/moofi/geeksolidarity)

Thanks bunches, Woot! This is probably the best BoClolwordfilter I've ever gotten!


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Note of warning about those racquet bug zappers....... They retain a residual charge after pressing the button. Once released, it will still deliver one last helluva nasty zap. Trust me on this.



quality posts: 4 Private Messages ki4rxm

If anybody has a need for any of this

ki4rxm wrote:And the results:

1 Fruit of the Loom Yellow XL t-shirt
2 NASCAR Coloring boards
1 Blue pet blanket
1 Black duffel bag
1 2-pack mini press 'n' lights

and the neat stuff:

1 Mobi GloMate Color-changing Play light/night light like this

I'd be willing to trade for some more of the pop-up sprinklers. I'm thinking I may install them into raised beds. PM me!


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Got mine Friday, it was a great start to Spring Break!

5.3lbs First Crap:

  • 2x Earl Grey Flowering Tea (did make this, it's tasty but pretty gross...the flowers end up looking like snot globs)
  • 1x iGo Universal In-Car Charger (no useful tips, those are sold separately)
  • 1x Pop-up/Pop-down Law Sprinkler
  • 3x Tabletop Tripod
  • 1x That is the Question shirt, in my size!
  • 1x Marsupial in My Pocket shirt, also in my size! This was the 225th Shirt Woot Derby winner in January!
  • 1x small duffle bag
  • 1x Barbie Baywatch Backpack, circa 1994

All in all, nothing FABULOUS but I'm happy. It was a heck of a lot of fun!


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Wow ... 6.6 lbs and such a great haul.

1x I-go Universal Car Charger
1x random black bag
1x Zombie Bait t-shirt (size Small)
2x Eco Canteen water bottles
1x Earl Grey Flowering tea set (expired 11/15/2011, but really does tea ever expire??!!)
and the icing on the cake ...
1x Atari Flashback 3 Classic Game Console (looks brand new!)

Best Crap Evah ... thanks Woot!


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In my first Bunnies Ogling Carrots ever!

1 x black duffle bag
1 x electric bug swatter
1 x igo green wall power plug thingie
1 x usb wireless N adapter
1 x 2012 SI Swimsuit calender
2 x woman small back to the future crash into dr who shirts
6 x bandaid boxes
7 x baby genius dvd's


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Mine showed up while I was out for vacation.

1x Screaming monkey with black cape
1x 3XL tshirt blank
1x foot flusher
1x sprinkler system
1x remote controlled car(broken plastic holding the car part off of the base of the car) kids playing with it now
1x nascar coloring thing
2x bug zapping raquets
1x pet blanket
1x Wii remote covers
1x gym bag
8x bags of sweet texas air

Edited for stuff I forgot to add


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Very happy with the 13 lb box that showed up.

1x full box (14 pieces) Lock 'n Lock storage containers
1x screaming monkey with black cape
1x 3XL orange t-shirt blank
1x foot flusher
1x nascar coloring thing
2x bug zapping racquets
1x pet blanket
1x tan electric blanket
1x black gym bag with extra strap

Our Easter leftovers fit into the storage containers perfectly! Much more interesting and random than the last bag we got. Thanks!


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We got our 11lb Bunnies Ogling Carrots in the mail friday!

1 3XL Orange T-shirt
1 Black Duffle Bag
2 Electric Bug Zappers
1 Woot Monkey with black cape!
1 "Clean Cut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser " Worth $100 on Amazon...However it is a return as it does not power up.

Over all a great Bunnies Ogling Carrots great gob Woot for bringing the fun back to the Bunnies Ogling Carrots and I finally got my Woot Moneky!!!!! My wife has the 100+ order account and we've never yet got a Monkey so the Bunnies Ogling Carrots was just sooo worth just that!


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8 lbs of carp

4x units of texas air
1x black duffle bag with extra strap
20x AA batteries in the beat up packaging
1x small t-shirt (a new dog shirt?)
1x Pop-up/Pop-down Law Sprinkler
1x foot flush
2x seal tight containers (stolen by wife upon inspection)
1x Jimmy Johnson NASCAR Speed Board
1x dog blanket
1x manual, power cable, and usb cable for Galaxy Tablet
0x Galaxy Tablet

1x Phantom S107 GYRO RC Helicopter
1x Phantom S107 GYRO RC Helicopter power cord
0x Phantom S107 GYRO RC Helicopter controller
0x Monkey
0x Letter

a great haul... Of course, the helicopter just falls to the floor when I let it go because I don't have the controller...sobs...


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FInally arrived...

1x Sprinkler thing
1x Baywatch barbie backpack
1x small women's "why am I here"
1x iGo car charger
3x tabletop tripods
1x primula tea


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Just got back from a week away from home; delivery confirmation shows it was already there last Monday.

  • The Bag: Cylindrical black gym bag. Zippered with a zippered end pocket.
  • Crap 1: Pet Blanket fleece throw.
  • Crap 2: Heated fleece throw.
  • Crap 3: Lock 'n Lock, four pieces with lids (so, 8-piece set). Smaller sizes.
  • Crap 4: Ladies' M "1-UP" woot tee.
  • Crap 5: A 2-pack of over-the-door hooks.

Pictures to follow. Still moving in, so must move boxes around to accommodate for photos.
edit: Photo! :-)


Thanks to up-to-the-minute tracking, I don't track my package so much as stalk it.


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Picked up my Bordello of Concubines from the Post Office this afternoon.

2x med womens shirts
1x Baywatch Barbie Backpack
1x iGo universal charger (tips sold separately)
3x Tabletop Tripods
1x Earl Grey Black Tea
1x Lawn Sprinkler
1x Small Black Duffel

Box weighed 5 lbs.


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As we were driving out of the neighborhood Saturday for holiday travel, we saw the mail lady and made a hasty u-turn to beat her to the house!

This being my first Box of Crumbs, I had hoped to video it, but I couldn't contain myself, so I had my son open the 5 1b box on his lap as I drove.

5 bags of turbulent Texas Air
1 black duffel bag
1 iGo Universal In-car Charge (w/o tips)
2 tabletop tripods
2 Primula tea canisters
1 8-pk of strawberry bowl note cards w/envelopes
1 Pop-up sprinkler
1 1-up shirt (small)

And the bestest item my Boudoir of Chastity could have contained....

A Screaming Woot Monkey!

So apropos since I immediately crumpled in a ball of nerves after trying over and over and finally nabbing my Bowl of Cherries, that I missed the monkeys offered after.

Thank you ColonelCrap for a most fabulous Crap!

Best Woot-off, evah!


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Well alright then, that was awesome and all but....isnt it about time for the next woot-off? Lets do this thing!

Proudly tracking via WootStalker.com

Bags Of Crap
  1. Bag o' Crap V 12/12/2016
  2. Crappos 07/12/2016
  3. Bag o' Crap #1+2: Latrina 01/04/2016
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  7. The Haunted Crap 10/28/2015
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  15. Bunker of Cabbage 7/11/2014
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  17. 2nd Day of Crapness 12/4/13
  18. 45 Down Crossword 4/23/13
  20. good-old-golden-crap-days 8/13/12
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  23. feliz-crapleanos 7/12/12
  24. who-smell-just-like-you 7/12/12
  25. not-exactly-a-goodie-bag 7/12/12
  26. Barrel of Crops 05/22/12
  27. Barrel of Crops 04/25/12
  28. Bunker of Cabbage 03/22/12
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  30. Santa's Sack of Crap 12/25/11
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  35. Random Crap 09/22/10
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  38. Random Crap 01/28/10
  39. Random Crap 09/24/08
  40. Random Crap 04/01/08


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mikebbass wrote:Well alright then, that was awesome and all but....isnt it about time for the next woot-off? Lets do this thing!

It was 4 weeks between Woot-Offs last time, and 5 weeks the time before. Not that Woot! is ever predictable, but I guess we have a couple more weeks to wait.

I hope they continue to put up the Bags of Crap in several smaller offerings. I like that.


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6 small assorted size lock and lock containers
Black duffel bag
Baywatch Barbie backpack
womens size small zombie bait shirt
womens size small dinosaur shirt
2 0-6 month Avent pacifiers
4 4 oz Avent breast milk containers
1 bug zapping racquet


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mlsapack wrote:AND......
1x Magnavox Blu-Ray player with WiFi!!!!!! Refurb with a ripped box, but looks all there. Will try it out later and see if it works.

Update on the Blu-Ray player. So far, so good! It plays regular DVD's, the wireless works, connected to the home network no problem, set up VUDU, able to stream HD quality video. Now just need a Blu-Ray disc, but no reason to suspect that won't work fine.

Ordered 'The Fifth Element/Gattaca' Blu-Ray 2-pack from BB today, great movies. Can't wait for them to come in and see how the Blu-Ray quality is on this thing.

Once again, Woot! Gods and ColonelCrap - Thank You! Long may you reign!!



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Who wants these Shark Mop pads? Goes with Euro-Pro Shark S3501-FS Lightweight Pocket Steam Mop Cleaner. They're new.

One purple nubbly one like: http://bit.ly/IlbFRO

One white triangle one like: http://bit.ly/HvpBuP

Free to a good home! DM me.

B0C Count: 38


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acdawg wrote:Got mine yesterday. Prime order number means nothing by the way. 3.8 lbs.

1x Black Duffle Bag
1x Pop-up Sprinkler
1x iGo Universal Car Charger
1x Earl Grey Flowering Tea 12 packs
3x Tabletop Tripods
2x Small T-Shirts

Baggy of crap is crap. Thanks anyway woot and ColonelCrap!

We got IDENTICAL craps, and we both had prime number craps!!! So the DO mean something!! ;) not necessarily anything good. Which shirts did you get?

Oh wait, my bag is blue. Is that a dealbreaker?


quality posts: 5 Private Messages aafalke

Anybody have extra zappers they don't want? I'll pay shipping....message me!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages kuelin

anybody else get a 4gb zune?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages swenocha

(l to r) black gym bag, 2 sheets aire de Tejas, 3 flowering teas (slightly expired), wireless bluetooth speaker, baywatch barbie backpack, random batteries (8), keychain garage door remote/flashlight, and 1up coffee woot shirt.

Daughter and wife like the tea, the speaker is working great for me, and the wife does get extra life from coffee. The bags will likely get donated, along with the remote (since it no workie with our opener). A great Bunnies Ogling Carrots all around...


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dmw804 wrote:Note of warning about those racquet bug zappers....... They retain a residual charge after pressing the button. Once released, it will still deliver one last helluva nasty zap. Trust me on this.

Just found this out from our replacement box! Unfortunately, my 8 year old daughter tried touching it while the button was still pushed!
WOW! Those things deliver a shock!


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GuardianBob wrote:Oh, I just got it.

Wow, I'm dense.

Well played ColonelCrap, well played.

As those who are keeping score know, I got a vacuum. Others have pointed out some personalized items. I started thinking, and went no, it couldn't be.

Looked up the date of my post:
March 26th.

Wait when did I get notice of shipping?
March 30th.

Shipping information sent March 27th.

It is possible.

They could have changed this out to prank me. If not it is one heck of a coincidence.

Wow. If this was swapped out, well played. The joke's on me.

You must be a Superhero to score that!

Always craving that hard quality post.


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4.6 lb of disappointment's showed up finally

2x duffel bag
3x tripod
1x car charger
1x pop up sprinkler
2x zombie bait shirt


quality posts: 48 Private Messages Kingu

Held off opening bag until I was having a bad day. MUCH better day now.


1 Bag - Black duffle
1 shirt - Green, 3XL - donation
1 Magic Draw - Glow in the dark drawing pad, everyone loves.
2 Woot Calendars - Just so we can mark this day!
1 set of whiskey stones - MMm, more coldish whiskey.
1 Resident Evil 3 - playstation CD - Given to a coworker
1 Pop up sprinkler - Mother in law gift
1 FOOT FLUSH FUN EDITION! WHOO HOO! JACKPOT! *ahem* Was kinda hoping for that when I heard they were in early bags.

Thank you Woot for a most awesome bag to share with everyone here. I'm going to take my stones home now, and put them to good use.


quality posts: 26 Private Messages brandie346


Those of you who got pet blankets but don't have pets, your local animal shelter could put them to good use.


Henry sez: give a pet a helping hand!

B0C Count: 38


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My bag of hope made its way into my apartment this evening with the help of an awesome friend who picked it up from the post office. As is my habit, first I closely examined the box, and found this:

I was crestfallen. Did colonelcrap give me 17.7 lbs of crappy sprinkers in my bag? I mean, they used that box, surely whatever sprinklers were left inside are now with me. But also, what was this curious blue circle on the box? There were actually 3 of these on different sides... could it be a sign I'm due particularly unique crap?

Turns out neither of my theories were quite accurate. My crap was suitably awesome and crappy.

My haul:
1 - University Wikipedius shirt [WL]
1 - Cuisinart Pasta Server
1 - Green flower bag
1 - R+B 77-piece Flatware for 12
1 - iGo Car Charger, minus the tips
1 - "Knight Flight" Batman, new in box

Wonderful crap, colonel. Apologies for the blurry photo, don't let it detract from your outstanding work. I may have not gotten the robots I prayed so hard for, so my floors will remain dirty, but I am nonetheless more than satisfied.

Thanks Woot!!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages aafalke
brandie346 wrote:PSA

Those of you who got pet blankets but don't have pets, your local animal shelter could put them to good use.


Henry sez: give a pet a helping hand!

Wonderful idea, Henry!! If I had gotten a pet blanket, I would take your advice and pass along its fuzzy comfort to a pet in need


quality posts: 34 Private Messages RebelTaz


I just wanted to officially express my jealousy. I just laid new carpeting in all of the rooms of the house and my girlfriend would have KILLED for a vacuum cleaner in our Box of Crappola! :D

... ...
Until Woot Gets a "Notify" Option For New Forum Replies, You Might As Well Just Message Me!


quality posts: 9 Private Messages unpcnook

Here's what I received in my latest Bunnies Ogling Carrots

Weight: 4.2 lbs
Dimensions: 16"x14"x10"

6x Bags of Texas Air
1x black duffle bag with extra strap
1x iGo Universal Car Charger... no tips
1x "1-up" Woot Shirt in WS
1x Pop-up Sprinkler
1x Woot Screaming Monkey (Different Cape than the ones I bought during the Woot-off)
1x Earl Gray Flowering Tea
1x Tabletop Tripod
1x Wireless Mouse w/batteries and carrying satchel...

Probably one of my better hauls!

Thanks Woot! & ColonelCrap!



quality posts: 0 Private Messages bigfatnerd

donated my Bunnies Ogling Carrots for a raffle- dollar an entry for a total of 76 entries! Winner got:

5- purple/green bags
7- tabletop tripods
1- igo universal car charger
2- earl grey flowering tea
1- EMPTY box from the pop up sprinkler