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pacollins you aren't an audiophile... stop calling yourself that... if you were, you would be using studio monitors on a DAC and not some multimedia speakers... just because they are klipsch doesn't mean they are "audiophile grade"...


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I put these on my Hackintosh just so it would have some kind of sound and they're not bad,for $4.99 speakers.I expected far worse sound so these turned out to be a plus.If you want to hear your pc,maybe listen to a bit of music here and there,these are decent.If you want to rattle the windows or hear every little tinkle as your spent casings hit the floor during your game,buy something bigger.Oh,and they're red,,,BRIGHT red,think I shoulda got the blue ones.


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I was hoping for something I could plug in to my tablet so I can watch The Daily Show/Colbert Report while I do dishes, sadly, these speakers aren't any louder than my tablet speakers (Can't hear clearly over running water in the sink). Tried them on my phone, and I think my phone's speaker is actually louder.
I wasn't expecting super high quality audio from these, but with a wall adapter, I was at least hoping for a decent volume level.


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Got these and they are just fine for what I want. I get some pretty loud volume out of them, and I keep them below 50% nearly all the time