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Siquijor, Philippines. That's where you're building your hotel. In Innkeeper, you'll be trying to turn this:




into the greatest tropical vacation spot the world has ever seen. Like some residential Punnet square, you'll have to balance the needs of your guests with the skills of your staff, coming to a happy medium that works with them both.




As your hotel grows, you'll gain amenities like a game room and a chapel, and furnish the rooms with televisions and curtains. You'll see rainy seasons that hurt your business and summer seasons that will force you to turn people away. Your guests will include socialites and rednecks, bloggers who demand computers and bachelors who want to gamble, even some cryptozoologists who came to see the scary Aswangs. Oh, didn't you know there were Aswangs about? Maybe you'll learn more about them as the game progresses.




Track the marketing, gather survey information, upgrade the staff, or just place some doors and hope for the best. Innkeeper's an addictive game no matter how you approach it. Do well enough you can be a four star vacation spot in no time!


holiday inn


PS to the sensitive types: sometimes the angry redneck's word balloon has a bit of a potty mouth. It's not an f-bomb or anything, but sensitive types might find it inappropriate, so consider yourself warned.



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Reminds me of SimTower. Classic game.


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A suggestion for your next Flash in The Brain Pan (Really, Four O'Clock Flash).


Watch the intro, it explains everything.

Bring back the 4 O'Clock Flash!!!


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Well there goes my afternoon.