sebitron wrote:All the negative comments on here really make me lose hope for humanity. I don't have children myself, but I'm a preschool teacher and goodness knows it can be hard enough to keep small children occupied in a classroom, I have no idea how parents manage to keep their kids sitting in one place for several hours.

Granted, some kids may just be spoiled, but for most small children it seems more likely that they're just acting their age. And far from blaming the parents, all of you who are negative about children on flights should have a lot more compassion from the parents, because not only do they have the unenviable job of trying to keep their kid occupied on a flight (which considering that small children generally have really short attention spans is not an easy task) but if their child *does* misbehave at all, they're the ones that get blamed for it.

I've spoken to a few parents of small children who have had such bad experiences with other passengers regarding their children that they try not to fly whenever possible, and it's a bit sad to me that people can be so rude to parents of small children on flights.

Yes, sometimes children cry on flights. But don't blame the parents, who likely as not are trying the best they can to keep their child quiet and occupied and are probably just as frustrated as you are.

I completely agree with you. I hope most of the insensitive and child-hostile posters here don't have kids of their own. I can't believe how many people I read (and have heard) say "drug them" or worse. They would make terrible parents. Jeeez...just buy the headphones and leave the parenting advice to those with some empathy.