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I prefer to buy used books when I buy books, but if I need something specific, I go with Amazon.


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I no longer read books. This is sad. Why don't I read books anymore? Oh, yeah, time? No time. I should make time. Think I will...


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Playwright David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross, et al) once said:

"People who DON'T read hold no advantage over people who CAN'T read."

Of course, he may have a vested interest in everyone reading.

So, no matter where you get your material,
Let's All Read!!


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I generally only buy physical books, if there's a specific title I'm looking for I buy it online since that's generally cheaper, but I also go to used book stores to browse and end up picking up stuff I wouldn't have chosen otherwise.


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Amazon - love physical books but am making switch to ebooks. Really enjoying my Kindle & having a whole library at my fingertips. Just wish ebooks were more cost effective.


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Library (I have to pay over $100 a year in cash for a card) and thrift stores. I usually let my card lapse for a few months before renewing, and read my used book collection.


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I buy hard copies if I know it's a book I'm going to keep and read again, either Amazon or the grocery store. Cheap ebooks from Amazon when I'm trolling for new authors.

I think my guardian angel drinks.


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Audiobooks are my thing. I get to read while driving. I use because, unlike a library, I don't have to return it & I don't get fined.


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Who says I read? I'd have to actually open books, spend valuable mental power reading them, rather than just turn on my generic, proprietary gaming system and drone away at a mindless game while mashing buttons.


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I do not buy new book, most of them are used books.