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BASKET OF CANTALOUPE, you are mine!!


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If I don't win a bottle of cod soon,
I'm gonna burn the building down.

Also, has anyone seen my stapler?

From Edna St. Vincent Millay:
SAFE upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

Keep on Dreaming!


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In for a bag. Strangest offer yet. It would have been funnier if the whole thing would have been in reverse. Start at Sold Out then watch the bar slowly fill up.


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OH crud got to processing page and then denied.


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Order processing lvl: forever denied...


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it refused to take my password, then it said it was sold out
maybe they need to have a reservation timer for those who start checking out (like 120 seconds even)


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Bag Posting #3, and I've got one. Hurray! Bundle of Caravans #2!

Notable Woots:
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1 Big Old Chevy dated 3/22/2011, #4 of the night (!).
1 Bundle of Caravans dated 4/25/2011


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SPFiredrake wrote:They tricked wootalyzer and any other bot services by sending out 501/501 sold already in the feed, so they all show sold out. However, going onto the site manually shows up, meaning they've made it possible for the average person to get one now. In for 3!

Well played woot, and much appreciated :D

Still said sold out the entire time in my Firefox browser... do we need a certain browser to buy them now?


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I focus on my job for 3 minutes and just look what happens!


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Woohoo! I got one. I hope. Got the email and everything. My 1st!


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The crap probably tasted sour anyways.


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I <3 woot today.


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woo hoo woot!! finally got my Bunnies Ogling Carrots!


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jmp8910 wrote:GOT ONE!!! Barrel of Crops #3 for me!!!
P.S. I think woot sent them out as sold out to trigger all the auto buy programs, then posted them so the programs couldn't auto buy them!! Thanks Woot!!!!

There is no such thing as an auto buy program, they do not exist. MYTH.


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Got it. Thanks, Woot!


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Opened as sold out: No buy button....



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Refresh, Refresh, Refresh, Refresh...I want one....SCORE!!!


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alby71 wrote:Yep, hit refresh a few times and the order button appeared.

I hit the "I want One" button a few times but all it did was refresh my screen..
oh well
maybe next time

Your friendly neighborhood GrassHopper


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Order is processing
It should just be a bit now.....

X fingers crossed X

and NO
my order was denied because they sold out of the product : (

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3/21/2007 Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset 2


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Why screw over the trackers? Even with the trackers you have little to no chance of getting a Bunnies Ogling Carrots I supported the idea of doing several smaller Bunnies Ogling Carrots#39;s throughout the woot-off, but each one is riddled with errors, time outs, and general angst.

Stop suckling, please.


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ihatethebeatles wrote:So the Barrel of Crops displayed this morning showed up as "Sold Out" as soon as the page loaded for me. However, other seem to have got thru and scored one.

It showed Sold Out for me as well at first, but after several F5s it showed the magic I Want One button and allowed me to purchase.


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I got to the site only to find they were sold out. I looked in forum page to see that there were only 501 sold... I'm thinking, "that was yesterday", went back to the front page, kept refreshing and SCORE!!! Got me a bucket o' carp!!!

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TaylorMade Tourino Stand Bag and Towel 2/25/09
Random Crap 2/19/09 Black & Decker 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack - 2 Pack 9/9/08


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Get called into the boss' office, Baloney on Cornbread pops up. Timing is everything, they say.


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Well played Woot... Well played. I liked the delay so that bots (not talking about the wootalyzer and such... I'm talking about ones that automate the whole process.) can't auto-order them. It was also a nice bonus to all the F5'ers out there.


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I refreshed, but could not click I Want One!!

The Crapshoot was blocking the I Want One button, oh the cruelness of it all.

"The big brain am winning again! I am the greetest! I am now leaving Earth for no raeson!"


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Kept hitting buy one now, it kept refreshing the homepage until it said "Sold Out".
Darn you bundle of carrots, you will be mine.


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All I wanted for my birthday was some crap, and I am disappointed


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Just checking (first time I've every managed to snag a Bunnies Ogling Carrots, but if I got one this time does that mean if it pops up later today, I wouldn't be able to get it then too?


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Such a crap shoot with these. I was lucky and got in this time (and last time where I got a new in box Memorex BD player). Thanks Woot! I know people get frustrated with this, as I am typically frustrated more times than not. But there is not much better than the fun of trying to get one and then anticipation of it arriving.


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Weird... tried to buy one, it kept telling me that I needed to pick a payment method, but one was clearly chosen. So I never got a chance to buy it, then it was sold out. Tried again with the next item just to see, and it works fine. Sadness


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My first one! I went to the site and it showed sold out (with the stats from the last one yesterday that I missed) but a few refreshes later and it was there.

My first purchase ever! Certainly not my last.


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In for 1 =)


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clicked and it said, "I got one!". Went through paypal process checkout and nothing registered. Disheartening.


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They may be using this new "SOLD OUT" tactic just to defeat the auto-buy bots - seems to work! Lots of first-time Bunnies Ogling Carrots buyers posting.


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Talk about weird: I use Wootalyzer, and as soon as it popped up, it was sold out.

Argh! The humanity.

I stared at the monitor in disbelief. I hit the refresh button a few times, thinking that maybe there was a mixup - you know, sometimes the last product is still there when Wootalyzer opens up the page. Maybe this was a similar situation.

Then I hit the refresh button a few more times, thinking that I'm sad, and foolish.

Then, after maybe 90 seconds of hitting refresh, *the 'I Want One' button CAME BACK*. I got all the way through the purchase process, and got a Bunnies Ogling Carrots

I have to confess I'm a) impressed with the speed of the purchase process now, b) nostalgic for the high drama that accompanied the purchase process before and c) wondering how that many people are making purchases before most folks know the Bunnies Ogling Carrots is up at all...


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While I missed out, I have to say I'm impressed after all these years that Woot finally listened to all the gripers asking them to "fix their servers".

Hats off to the Woot tech team. Impressive bit of engineering there.


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Woohoo, got it! Second Woot-off Bag of Crap in a row, and number 20 total! And I even managed to use my $5 coupon!

After selling some of the items from previous bags, my total cost for the 20 bags is a profit, so not only has this game been fun, its also been free! And I have all sorts of interesting crap.

I wonder if Luna will be hovering over this one when it arrives.


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I F5'd the page when I heard go off, and got to the buy page. I put my CC security code in and clicked the gold button...but for some reason my name was missing in the CC name field. By the time I changed it, it was too late.


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I also got the order page and then denied....
The height of excitement and the low of disappointment all in a few seconds.....
I will return to try for Bunnies Ogling Carrots .....


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holy (filter). i got a bag after trying for 5 years. i gonna run naked in the streets even though its 41 degrees here in michigan. yes. thanx my love woot!!!!