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Got one. Thanks Woot! Video to be posted when it arrives!


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My first ever from a mobile device. Thank you iPad!!!!!

Proudly tracking via WootStalker.com

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too busy looking at the wheatgrass, blinked & it's over!


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got one! cant wait woot! i can only hope there's a roku in my future :P

Bundle of Carrots 4/25/2012
Bag Of Cheese 3/22/2012
Bucket Of Cream 10/12/2011


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Jessara wrote:Yet again.



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First ever Bunnies Ogling Carrots for me!


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still processing but it show in my account.

Good night Biotcheses!!!!!!!


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well, yet again I got crapped on. I gave your company my credit card number, clicked the button, and nothing.

Dear Woot - I hope you go into Warehouse #3! Or are you going to charge me $8 for the heck of it and send me some antimatter out of spite?

OK Woot, step it up - I've only bought 2 things in the last 13 months


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BuffBillsFan wrote:Didn't even see the sumbich for sale this time....
F5 (Air Pick)
F5 (Air Pick)
F5 (Air Pick - Sold Out)
F5 (Air Pick - Sold Out)
F5 (Air Pick - Sold Out)
F5 (Air Pick - Sold Out)
F5 (Bringing On Cheerleaders - Sold Out)

I believed my comment from earlier in the day still stands.... Yowza!

That's what I saw too.. lol. I guess I'm not having a pretty good day today.

O-M-G! That Squirrel stole my Bag of Crap!


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Just turned my head and saw it.

Still processing and not in my account, but no way I got that.


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Got one! Stoked.


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Axe56 wrote:I couldn't buy another bag on a new day! Apparently it's the same sale. -tear.

Sheesh, don't be greedy. Some people have never gotten a Bunnies Ogling Carrots ever. I have been trying since Woot has existed and finally got one today.


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So excited! Scored one - I'm loving that these don't only happen at 4pm cst now

Now if you guys could just throw in another shirt break, because despite trying, i was unable to place an order yesterday

(And if the woot gods so choose to place any shirts in my box, in the new shirts I think I'm a WXL (or mens L in the AA shirts) (But I'm happy with any random crap received!)


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In for 1! Yes!


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The servers aren't crashing, but I keep getting false hope by the processing page :\ Denied 3 times! :'o *Whine*

"Computers don't make errors. What they do, they do on purpose."


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Okay, so I've been a member since 2005 and I've -yet- to win one, so all you "Snagged #x" people suck.

But whatever you've done to ordering, Woot, I thank you. I've placed 3 orders for IT during the woot-off (all eventually denied), which is 3 chances to order more than I've ever had before. At least I'm getting TO the order page.


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Your order is in. You're all set now.

Went through! Here's your receipt...

Woot! First Barrel of Crops I've managed to snag!

"The thing about quotes on the Internet is that you cannot confirm their validity." - Benjamin Franklin


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And I just got an e-mail saying I got one....though my processing didn't ever work, but it's also in my account now.


The joyous anticipation shall return waiting for my bag.

Colonel I am looking forward to whatever wondrous crap you shall be sending my way.


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Twice today I got an order in, it processed and processed and processed and then, twice today it was denied cause they sold out during the processing.

Maybe next time I'll get one.


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mikebbass wrote:My first ever from a mobile device. Thank you iPad!!!!!

Very impressive, I was watching a youtube link from someone's signature and then WOO WOO WOO...and I got one...funny thing was I called it in the last product forum...YAY FOR Barracudas offering corn...


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woooo hooooo Doomsday cards, Air Picks and a Bunnies Ogling Carrots I've had a full day!


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dang it, went to get dinner from the kitchen when the airpicks were just starting to bounce and came back and saw the bag up but sold out.

Dang it, dang it, dang it. That's the LAST time I allow my stomach to rule the house during a woot-off!


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Well, they've got about 500 more I suppose...maybe one more run..



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Success! Only my 2nd since 07!

I want my Baby Back ribs!!!!!


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I have Barrel of Crops fatigue. The new way is too demanding. Vigilantes should not be rewarded.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


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Joshana wrote:my order is still processing

*crosses finger*




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Dang I was so fast and still got stuck in processing. Looks like there are not many left for this wootoff either, so next one will probably go even faster. Guess I better stay glued to f5...

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So now we are up to 2160 BOCs sold all together. Should be one more offering. Everyone stay alert!

Glad I got mine at the lunch time offering.


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Got mine!!!! I'm beside myself with joy.

Thank you colonelcrap!!!

Woot! is the bomb!!!!!



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First one for this military family. Hope it's something awesome!


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Yaaaayyyyy! Finally got one after a 2 year drought, plus it's my birthday this weekend, so this just makes it even better! Thanks Woot!


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Finally got one after 7 years!!


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dontwantaname wrote:Oh for goodness sakes, it was only a minute since I checked the damn page.

Anyone got a tracker that is working?

Since I have already attained the maximum number of Bunnies Ogling Carrots per wootoff, I can tell you mywoot.net is working. I should have had 2 by now...


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And that makes BORC #4. HA!


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order denied. maybe next time...


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holy bovine! that was quick, I was lucky!!! i just woke up from a nap and I was looking at the item that was about to go considering if I should go to the bathroom or wait for it to change... My alarm from Mywoot.net [great site] went off and I almost pissed my pants- typed in my security code and somehow got no wait time- and well lets gets say I have a Bunnies Ogling Carrots on the way


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I'm thinking this is it now for Bunnies Ogling Carrots.
With a total number of about 2100 from the 4 Bunnies Ogling Carrots "events", that about equals what one has been in the past...
Just a thought. (over-thinking?)



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Got one, to my surprise (and I'm not complaining, just amazed).


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bryantjb wrote:Finially got my first. Used the wootalizer app. It popped up and i was on order confirmation page before page even updated


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drgandalf wrote:So now we are up to 2160 BOCs sold all together. Should be one more offering. Everyone stay alert!

Glad I got mine at the lunch time offering.

I hope so.... I at least made it to the order status page this time!