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I don't think we're done... on to Day 3 of the April 2012 woot-off!

RIP A.A. Blanks (Obituary)


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3DAYWOOTOFF...but i got my crap so i'll go to bed...


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They are all fun but that black bird is the bomb!


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WOOO!!!! Time Extended!!!


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3 day woot off! Time to redeem my Bunnies Ogling Carrots fails!

ashliz8806 wrote:Going to a Wizards game and being disappointed is like going swimming and getting wet...If you didn't expect it, I'm not sure I trust your judgment.


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It is after Midnight Central time and the lights are still flashing..... The NFL Draft and a third day of WOOT!!!!


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Does this mean....yes yes I think it does....dare I hope?????


*praises woot gods*


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It's been a while since we've had a three day W/O. Very cool

Erick R Williams
Only worry about the present. The past is over and the future will be the present soon enough


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Yep, bring on another day of wootification! Woot!


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silo11 wrote:Actually I bought more things during this wootoff than normal!!

Just not a Bunnies Ogling Carrots this time...oh well. I'll just pretend what I bought was a special more expensive Bunnies Ogling Carrots

And I will pretend this was a good woot off. Good night!



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nymetsfan1226 wrote:It appears that we are not done tonight kids.

Oops = we spoke too soon. It's always almost 12:01 at my place before the switch over.
On to scooters.



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ThunderThighs wrote:

Ha! Love it.

As for the Bag notion.. the Intern used to think some of her bags of food were quite crap. ;)

She's spoiled anyway. And I've never gotten a bag anyway (my other account is so old... like 06.)

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I'm going to be here working at least a few more hours, but I looked in and have 1 word of wisdom based on this Angry Birds/Monkey speculation:


Good night.

P.S. I think there's therefore at least one more bag coming, and you can look in my signature (if you're bored) at the links. PPS: too late--serves me right.


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Not really sold out before the scooter popped up. Guess what YOU'RE getting in your Basket of Cats... wait for it ... cat toys in the form of angry birds.

(I'm getting a set of those Adams A7OS hybrids and a iPad in mine)

Generalizations are generally wrong

x15 x2


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Yep, you got me with that "head fake" since I was expecting the Woot-Off to be coming to an end, but you went for a 3rd day anyway. Bravo Woot!


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inkycatz wrote:

The Intern vouches for the truth of this.

Awww, kitty!

-Heather (First Burgandy Olfactory Center 12/6/11)