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The United States of Songs continues rolling right along, and the end is in sight! We've made our way all the way down to Virginia in our quest to find a perfect song for each state, so let's recap the rules to fill some space: the song must have the state in the title, and the song must be about the WHOLE state, not just a city or feature. With that said, let's tackle the Mother of Presidents!

The state: Virginia
The song: "Sweet Virginia Breeze" by The Robbin Thompson Band



Disclaimer: there are a lot of WAY better songs for Virginia, but too many of the ones I found strayed into the "Virginia as a woman's name" territory, which of course broke my own arbitrary-yet-binding rules. Virginia doesn't actually HAVE a state song right now; they ditched their old one, "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny," in 1997 when, I guess for the first time, someone noticed a minstrel singing sarcastically about longing for the days of slavery wasn't the best image for the state tourism board. It's still a good song, though.

And this song was actually one of the finalists to replace it, but before state officials could decide, the business of governing came up and they kind of threw the state song issue on the back burner. And I respect that, honestly; I'd much rather legislators worry about stuff like tax reform or negotiating finance deals or whatever than updating the Wikipedia page with the official state song. The Rolling Stones have a great tune, "Sweet Virginia," that some people say fits the state well; personally I don't know how a tune about road tripping while strung out on pills could be what you want representing your state, but I applaud their modern take.


Virginia Governor's Mansion
It does seem like the kind of place raucous pill heads would flock to.


I haven't visited Virginia. Technically, I've been IN Virginia (heh), but that's only because I was touring around Washington DC. I guess I've seen the Arlington National Cemetery, but somehow I feel like that's not really representative of the state as a whole. I hope not, anyway. But I want to visit and really give the place its due: Virginia has come such a long way from densely populated Native American villages to the original Colony of Virginia founded by the London Company to joining the Confederacy and birthing, amoeba-like, West Virginia, to its position as a modern day leader in computer chip exports. Jamestown is over 400 years old, for cryin' out loud! There's some major history to study in Virginia.

Here's one bad thing I've heard, though: the weather. Hot, humid, and hurricanes form the dreaded triple H of Virginia weather, and the more populous parts of the state (mostly around Washington DC) have pretty awful air quality. Still, just about every major city has bad air quality. You can't hold that against the WHOLE state. And I'm sure you get used to the heat and humidity. Eventually. Eh, I'm from St. Louis; I can't make fun of anyone's weather.

Virginia, your song's kind of cheesy, but in a good natured way. It feels honest and enthusiastic, and I hope that would describe Virginians in general. Let us know what we're missing in the comments!

Runner-Up: "New Virginia Creeper" by Old Crow Medicine Show
Most Laughable Suggestion: "Virginia" by Tori Amos


Flickr photo Virginia Governor's Mansion by Taber Andrew Bain used under a Creative Commons License.


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An even better song about Virginia is Eddie from Ohio's "Old Dominion". (song starts around 1:56)



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Okay, so maybe this song isn't about Virginia, but it is about Virginia.

Still counts. You should change your rules.

"Computers don't make errors. What they do, they do on purpose."


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Here's a vote for "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Yep, it's got Virginia in the title. Names the Shenandoah Valley (which sure as shootin' isn't in West Virginia.


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Here's a vote for "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Yep, it's got Virginia in the title. Names the Shenandoah Valley (which sure as shootin' isn't in West Virginia)- well, okay, one bank at the mouth of the Shenandoah where it joins the Potomac, but that doesn't count.


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Recently the "business of governing" that caused the legislators to abandon their quest for a state song made national news. This song reflects the sweetness of life in modern day virginia:


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Old Dominion is hands down the best Virginia song. Mentions all the various parts of the state, makes fun of other states for not being Virginia. What's not to like?


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As a current Virginian, I take offense at the notion we "birthed" West Virginia. It was more akin to "Excised" or "Expelled" or even "Excreted."

Something with an "Ex" in it, definitely.


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For some reason this was the first song I thought of.