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Oh, my Galaxy! Oh, my Galaxy! Oh, my Galaxy!

I'm the proud owner of a shiny new Brick of Carbonite!!

This makes me week seem a whole lot brighter.

Owner of a new house, and all my wife and I have been doing is working and then leaving work to pack and move - for seemingly weeks on end.

Brand new crap for the house is just what I needed!!


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I can't believe I bought another Bindle of Coke. I got my first one last month and it was a colossal disappointment. The best thing in it was a 9V battery. But when I saw it pop up I couldn't help myself. Oh, well. Now off to


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One-day woot-off? We are on track to see all 2500 bags sold today.


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Well done, me.


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Got it this time!!! FINALLY!! Been a while -- last Kee-Rap score back in January!! Woot!!


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I am going to cry now. *sniffle* The site logged me out. It said I was logged in, but when I hit the buy button, it made me log in again. *tear*


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What the Force? My credit card number, which has been on file here since the beginning of time was all of the sudden missing when I went for the Bundles of Clones

Come on! I haven't gotten any crap in a long time dag-nabbit!


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speedogirl2 wrote:CRAP! None of my credit card info was saved. Disappeared for some reason.

Same here! And then i had to re add the pay pal. What a bunch of Crap.



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I GOT ONE, YES...OH HAPPY DAY! Now i can go pee and then drive home with a Bundles of Clones eating grin on my face!

Now how to explain to my wife that i've bought another Bundles of Clones..oh vey

reap the rewards deal with the consequences later!


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Finally, after 4 years of wooting, I got a Bindle of Carrots!!! This sort of makes up for the lemon Lenovo that Woot had sent me a few weeks back. All will be forgiven if there is at least 1 not completely carroty item...


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Darn...missed it just! It's normal for the I Want One button to not always work, forcing you to refresh correct? Like you click it, but nothing happens.


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royalrose wrote:Delayed leaving work, thinking, "One more item..... it's gotta be next." Totally worked. Late getting home to my 10 year old son, but worth it! Brick of Carbonite #2 is now mine!

I did the opposite last night. I noticed the woot-off, watched for a short while and decided to do the wise thing and go to bed. When I checked in the morning - the NEXT item was a Brick of Carbonite.

However, I got one this time! Yeah!


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been here since 2009 and FINALY got my 1st bucket of connectors...

Happy Day!!


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grimskull89 wrote:Huh... people were a tad slow with that offering as it seemed to last quick a bit longer than I would have expected.

No, server crapped out on me.


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I have no idea what happened at Woot's end but after being unable to score a BofC for over two years, This is my third BofC in a row. No problems, no waiting, no server errors, just click-click-click-click-bought.


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So sad...tried this morning, and just now....doesn't seem to be in the cards this woot off.


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Cha-ching! I got my second Bag in a row! I'm liking this new system of multiple offerings!


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Weird! I had everything in fine, and clicked the Ridiculously large buy it now button and then it gave me an error that something went wrong and then it said re-enter information, and it sent me back to the home page with 2/3rds left . Got back to the This Info Is Correct page and eventually that page gave me a This sale is sold out message.


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3/4 sold out right when it loaded and when I get to the order page I didnt even get to click the order confirm page. All within 10 seconds. Fishy stuff going on with woot again.


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I cannot believe I forgot to login to Woot when I got home from work. Had the tracker page up, but not logged in. (banging head repeatedly on table) Not that the Woot gods would have blessed me with their gift this time around, since my internet connection is so stinkin' slow, but I would have had a tiny percentage of a chance, had I only been logged in. Dang. Dang. Dang.


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bdecker202 wrote:WootSack tracker is up!

So am I doing something wrong that I can't add my Bundles of Clones to the tracker?

Baked Orange Chimpanzee - 4/26/12
Braised Ox Chunks - 5/22/12


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Yayyyyy, I got one!!! Thank you Woot and F5 key. Now I can finally go eat.


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Congrats that all that got one and to those who didn't, I know the feeling! Remember, there will always be more Bastions of Calcutta!!!!

This time I actually walked away from my PC because all I got was a white screen. Then I got an e-mail.....


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Drats! So close.


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First. Bag. Ever!

My confirmation page didn't totally load, but I got the emails... WHEW! That was FAST!


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Jaxpug wrote:The most wonderful iPhone fails at acquiring a barrel of contents yet again

i got mine off of my ipod my computer errored out!


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Dman27 wrote:RATS!!! I got an Error 5 times after clicking the Large Gold Button!!


Same thing happened to me. Twice today.....


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not to be greedy sounding lol but are you only allowed to get one crappo de baggo per woot off or is it per day? I got a Brick of Carbonite on the first one and then attempted to get one on this one and it said I already participated in the deal, does that mean I should just call it quits and just check every now and again instead of leaving my computer on the page and refreshing it every once in awhile.


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drgandalf wrote:Sheesh.

Glad I'm not as hen-pecked as you guys. My wife enjoys seeing the Bags of Crap that I get, and has even gotten a few of her own. And we have nothing to complain about the cost, after getting 20 BOCs, my total cost is -$57. Yes, that's negative $57, since I sold a few of the items. But even better, I've had all this wonderful Crap!

I'm in a similar situation. I can still buy 13 (make that 12 now! Thanks Woot!) more bags I believe and be profitable.

I've sold a zune, Flip camera, hoover hardwood floor scrubber. I've kept and gifted many of the other items.

My wife is happy as long as I don't leave the box laying around.

Oddly enough the Tron Fathead gave us some of the most joy. Neither of us have seen the movie, but she decided to "raffle" it off to one of her students (7th and 8th grade) and the person who won was a huge tron fan and was overcome with joy. She couldn't wait to get home and hang it up on the wall. Wife said it was fun to see her so happy.

Sure the other kids were bummed, but whats the point of teaching if you can't disappoint 99% of your students!


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Woohoo! I'm in for the third Woot-off in a row after a long drought in getting Woot-off Bags!

I like the new system of breaking the offering of Crap into multiple smaller groups. I was sleeping for the first group (and I noticed how the heat map was distinctly skewed toward the left coast after that one) and busy seeing patients during the second, but I still got a chance and got in with this one!


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WOOT! Almost missed, got in just under the wire. Doing housework during a wootoff is a dangerous thing.

Now all I need is one of those little scootybikes on kids and I'll be happy (tho it'll miss my daughter's birthday). :^)


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Snagged one. Thanks, Woot!


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Thought I had one this time around, the confirmation page never loaded. Went and looked at my account, saw for some reason that my payment method had magically changed from PayPal to a Visa that I don't actually have any more because it was compromised and I cancelled it.

Thanks, woot, for thinking you know where you're getting your next paycheck.


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tiffanymgin - same thing here


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Booyah! Stayed late at work, got a Brick of Carbonite! Thanks karma!


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I realize that the Brick of Carbonite doesn't give you the 1/2/3 choice selection, but if there are multiple Bundles of Clones offerings during the Woot-off, can you score more than one? (Anyone done that?)


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I still dont understand why people are able to get to the item faster than others. For instance, wootalyzer finds the new item and posts it. For me to see it, it'll take a good 15 seconds to even get to see the new updated woot item. This is all over FIOS 50/20 Internet access.... What gives with the lag???


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After 3 years of trying I finally got my 3rd Benevolent Order of Crumpets. I can't believe it finally went through. Thanks Woot for giving us multiple opportunities. You have one very happy Wooter since 2006.

teh "REAL" Chilibean


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ATT just sucks as a ISP.

Their cache servers take 10 seconds or more to update the page after woot changes, so I'm still looking at the last item no matter how much I refresh.

The bag was 3/4 sold out by the time I could get the page up.

Oh well...

I bet a lot of the items are the last AA shirts from Shirt.Woot.


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talwyn wrote:I got one, but I didn't even reach the "processing phase..." I put everything in like mad, and waited for it to process... Didn't see anything. Then, when I went to my account page... :D

Exact same thing happened here. Never saw the processing page. It went right back to the main Woot home page. Only reason I knew I got one was right afterwards I had an email notification pop up that I had just used my credit card to purchase something for $8 from