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Woot This Week

by Kathleen Richards

Welcome to Woot This Week, where every week we count down five of the coolest/weirdest/craziest items currently for sale on Woot!

And now, without further ado, the top five cool things I found on Woot this week:

5. Men's Skull Jewelry, $7.99-$32.99

Nothing is tougher than MEN’s SKULL JEWELRY. It’s JEWELRY! With SKULLS all over it! Don’t be scared! Be a badass!
P.s. Don’t be fooled. This is labeled men’s jewelry but there’s absolutely nothing preventing women from wearing it also! Some of it is actually totally cute!

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Tuesday, February 21

The Debunker: Is Vodka Made from Potatoes?

by Ken Jennings

Great news, everyone—the Idaho Potato Commission has named February as its official Potato Lovers' Month! In the commission's own words, this is a time to "explore Idaho® Potato versatility from a different and exciting angle." Some of us in the other forty-nine states sadly don't get to take all of Potato Lovers' Month off work, like they probably do in Idaho, but we can celebrate in other ways. For example, we've asked Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings, who lives in an Idaho-adjacent state, to correct any morsels of our potato knowledge that might be a little half-baked.

The Debunker: Is Vodka Made from Potatoes?

Wine comes from grapes, beer is brewed from barley. And vodka comes from potatoes, right? This was, at least, the received wisdom I grew up with. Perhaps in the Cold War era, it was encouraging to imagine that, while we in the West were sipping on our fancy cognacs and whatnot, the denizens of the Evil Empire had no choice but to distill their grim, brain-fogging tipple from the lowly potato.

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Monday, February 20

Music Monday: Rock Weirdos

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's gonna get weird today as Scott takes a look at all the weirdos of music. Join in, if you're strange enough!

Screaming Lord Sutch - Live


Screaming Lord Sutch had a great sense of theater. You can see it in this video, where he comes out in a coffin, fakes getting shot, and then kills his attacker before singing his hit. Today that's commonplace but back then, who expected a short play at a rock concert? Only the weirdos, really.

It'll only get weirder, people. It'll only get weirder.

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