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Tuesday, April 01

Now Highering: Woot Copy Editor

by Amy Nance

Its a sad day hear at Woot. It seems our deer copy editor had some sort of psychotic brake yesterday and won't be returning. We found him sititing behind his desk, mumbling something abou to, two and too ... or maybe tutus, were not really shure. We just held and rocked him for a while, shushed him and said "their they're" until they came and took him away. Its to bad. We really licked that guy. And through hell always be in our hearts, we must move one.

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Friday, October 18

"Pets" That Look Like Celebrities

by Amy Nance

In case you haven't noticed, it's Pet Week over on Sellout.Woot. We've got some great buys on fancy animal goods in our pet event that I refuse to refer to by name.

And in the spirit of spoiled rotten animals who always get what they want, I give you Pets That Look Like Celebrities. A few caveats, though. It's really more animals that look like celebs. Because if you had some of these animals as pets, you'd probably be arrested. Also, I take issue with referring to some of these people as celebrities. Most notably, Hitler. They could have just as easily gone with Charlie Chaplin, and I would have been cool with that.


And just for giggles, here's another one:


Think you've got a pet who looks like a celebrity? We want to see it! Share your pics or videos in the thread below.

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Friday, August 30

It's the Woot Ultimate Challenge! Recap

by Amy Nance

Welp, it's been one whole week since the end of the Ultimate Challenge shenanigans. Hopefully by now, all of the "winners" are enjoying the no doubt disappointing contents of their well-deserved BOCs.

As we have said previously, the only regret we have about the ordeal is that we didn't have more BOCs with which to reward your valiant efforts. But what we can do is revisit the splendor that was Ultimate Challenge by highlighting our favorite runners-up from each day. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Day 1: Wine Bottle Ring Toss

This video came to us from grovekat. Everything about this video was perfect except for timing. The sweatbands. The sign. The cat. We especially loved the exasperated "ZERO" at the end. Plus, lady gets mad props for doing this at 2 a.m.


Day 2: Fling-a-Monkey

The soundtrack, The supers. The endless stream of customized Woot monkeys. This video from spilzer was, dare we say, the perfect Ultimate Challenge video. Minus the whole too-slow thing, of course.


Day 3: Squirt Gun Marksmanship

Maybe it's unfair to give one Wooter two shout outs, but this video also from spilzer might be one of the craftiest workarounds we've ever seen. No squirt gun + wee cows = Ultimate Challenge excellence.


Day 4: Speed Tent

Having to pass on this guy's video might just be the one that hurt the most. Not only did he get snubbed because his video didn't upload fast enough, but he broke his kid's tent in the process. We know it's not much consolation, but we salute you anyhow, orabbit.


Day 5: Corn Dog Trials

This wasn't the only monkey video from barkwoot, but it was our favorite. Mostly because we didn't have to watch one of you eating anything in it. XOXO


Before we leave you, we do feel it necessary to give an extra special shout out to Moueska, who submitted a video every single day without fail, and finally snagged a BOC on Friday. You da bomb, gurrl.

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Friday, August 23

It's the Woot Ultimate Challenge! Day 5: Corn Dog Trials

by Amy Nance

This is it, you guys. The final Ultimate Challenge. Your last chance to prove you can hang with the big boys. We are shocked and awed by yesterday's efforts. We never imagined you guys would build actual tents as some of you did, and we applaud you. Our only disappointment was that we had so few BOCs to distribute. I guess what we're trying to say is, you're all winners to us. Except for that one guy. You know who you are, slacker.

Now for today's challenge, we have to set a few new ground rules. SO PAY ATTENTION.


  • Please, for the love of all that is good and wooty, DO NOT CHOKE TO DEATH. It's just a Bag of Crap, folks. It's not worth it. Imagine how pissed off your loved ones will be if all you leave them is a few Power Balance bands and an HDMI cable.


  • See NEW RULE #1. We're not even kidding.


  • You MUST appear on camera for the entire duration of your video, and you must make a serious effort to consume all of your food of choice. None of this "now you see it, now you don't" video editing trickery. You can tap out if you must. But let's just say that eating five grapes ain't gonna score you a BOC.


  • You don't have to eat corn dogs. It would be ridic (albeit totally awesome) if you just happened to have five corn dogs lying around the house. You can eat whatever you want. So we've come up with this handy little equivalency chart of examples for reference:

5 corn dogs = 5 corn dogs (Duh.)

5 mini corn dogs = 1 corn dog. (So 25 mini corn dogs = 5 corn dogs.)

5 Oreos = 1 corn dog (So 25 Oreos = 5 corn dogs. See where we're going here?)

5 standard-sized marshmallows = 1 corn dog

4 Bagel Bites = 1 corn dog

1 jar of spaghetti sauce = 1 corn dog

1 stick of butter = 1.5 corn dogs

And so on and so forth ...


  • All previous rules still apply and can be referenced here, here, here and here.


  • Refer one last time to NEW RULES #1 and #2. Seriously, you guys.

Got it? Good. Let's do this. For the final time, I present to you the Woot Ultimate Challenge!



You might not believe it based on the corn dog-consuming prowess displayed in this video, but NO ONE wagered on Sean as the victor. Johnny was the clear favorite, while my bets were on Sam as the dark horse in this competition. We're sorry we underestimated you, Sean. Sam, you are dead to me. In 4:02:

Sean - 5 corn dogs, Johnny - 4.75 corn dogs, Sam - 4ish corn dogs

The digestive results are inconclusive.

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