Tuesday, January 05

Ten Reasons Google's Nexus One is the iPhone Killer

  1. Aroma spray technology allows for fully immersive fart apps.
  2. All phone calls instantly and efficiently forwarded to the Chinese government.
  3. Pulsing trackball perfect for all-night Centipede raves.
  4. Live Wallpapers quickly become "most exciting feature no one will use after two days."
  5. LED camera flash due to misunderstanding all the demands for Flash on the iPhone.
  6. Massive YouTube usablity improvement: all comments automatically ignored.
  7. Location-based photographs document exactly when and where you became a slave to material possessions.
  8. Screen routinely fogs up to realistically demonstrate how all of your personal information is truly in The Cloud.
  9. Increased productivity due to massive lack of interesting and distracting games.
  10. Background notifications allow you to be instantly informed when your newly-purchased phone has become obsolete. DING.

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Sunday, August 16

GenCon 2009: Day Four: Part Two: It’s HOW Much For A Hot Dog?

Dave and Luke are probably getting really sick of Indiana. But they wanted to go, so they have to stay until our GenCon 2009 coverage is done. If you can find them in the time that’s left, and if you’re wearing your Woot shirt, you might just get your picture taken. We don’t really have the budget to get more A-Team than that.

Has it really been four days? Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s a good thing that GenCon has many exciting places for the participants to gather. Which is a polite way of saying “Let’s go take pictures of the losers in the Food Court.”


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Saturday, August 15

GenCon 2009: Day Three: Part Two: The Davies (A.K.A. The Lukeademy Awards)

Dave and Luke are still in Indiana. When do they get to come home? Not until they finish our GenCon 2009 coverage. If you’re there too, try to find them and tell them to stop goofing off. Wear your Woot shirt too!

Well, it’s a Saturday afternoon. What better time to hand out a few awards? While wandering GenCon 2009, Dave and Luke have seen a few great things. Here’s what they would consider the top, if we had asked them for their opinion.


Best Hobby For Great Old Ones

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GenCon 2009: Day Three: Earthshock

Dave and Luke are in Indiana! Not just because we can’t stand the sight of them, but because they’re handing our GenCon 2009 coverage. If you’re there too, try to find them! If you tag them, then they’ll be it, and tagbacks are not allowed. That’s company policy, no matter what they might tell you.

It’s not all sweaty basements and Klingon costumes. The world of the well-paid geek can be very beautiful too. Take a look at where the gamers eat when they run out of Ramen and pizza rolls:


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Friday, August 14

GenCon 2009: Day Two, Part Three: NPC Meet And Greet

Dave and Luke are in Indiana for GenCon 2009. Thrill to their geekery in our GenCon 2009 coverage. If you’re there too, don’t forget to look for them! They probably know exactly where you left your keys.

One of the absolute best parts of any convention is staring at everyone who decided to dress up. Like a cross between TORG and Doctor Who, people from all genres, cultures and levels of talent work to be the very best they are able to be. Sometimes it can be exciting. Sometimes horribly misguided. But it never stops being a great source of blog material. And we thank them for it.

We’ll start with this guy. We’re pretty sure he’s outstanding in his field.

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GenCon 2009: Day Two, Part Two: Life Ain’t Nuttin’ But Hey And Nonny Nonny

Dave and Luke are in Indiana for GenCon 2009. You can follow along thanks to our GenCon 2009 coverage. Don’t forget to look for them if you’re there! You’ll probably find them out front, asking for spare change.

They’re alive! As you may recall from our previous installment, Dave and Luke were having a little monster trouble. Thank the stars that they had a cunning plan.

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GenCon 2009: Day Two: Monster’s Ball

Dave and Luke are in Indiana for GenCon 2009. Follow along with our GenCon 2009 coverage and don’t forget to look for them if you’re there! Remember they always carry less than $50 and they don’t have a key to the safe.

The second day of GenCon started out pretty well for our team of nerd commandos. Hey, here’s a question: what’s the one thing that every gamer dreams of finding? That’s right:

An unlimited supply of free dice! Feeling fine, Dave and Luke helped themselves and began to walk away. And that was when they remembered the number one rule of role playing games…

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Thursday, August 13

GenCon 2009: Day One, Part Two: Attacking The Darkness

Dave and Luke are in Indiana for GenCon 2009. Follow along with our GenCon 2009 and don’t forget to look for them if you’re there! They like nothing better than a great big bear hug from a stranger who refuses to respect their personal space!

Look at those Indiana skies. Isn’t it lovely out there? A nice summer’s day like this, there’s only one thing to do. And that’s sit inside and play D&D.

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GenCon 2009: Day One: The Indianapolis Horror

We woke up this morning and said “Hey! Being a sarcastic internet retail site just isn’t nerdy enough. What can we do to be even more nerdy?” Thankfully, there was an easy answer.

Welcome to GenCon 2009 in the Indiana Convention Center! For the next four days, our representatives will be enjoying the finest geekery the world has to offer. Painting miniatures, playing D&D, stealing a child’s best Pokemon card, dressing up like a Gundam, we’re trying to convince Dave and Luke to do it all! And if you can find them, they’ll be your friends. Especially if you’re wearing one of our shirt.woot shirts.

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