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World of Wootcrap XP: Do The Russell Hustle

by Sam Kemmis

Three clans rest, stone-faced, on the icy field: V'owls, Squarryls, and Betta Koi. 

"To Battle!" comes an unknown voice, and the armies march. But where? Why? What is the cause of this bloodshed, and, more importantly, how do you win at this stupid game? 

Like any good early leveling opportunity (killing rats, retrieving a missing wedding ring), this one is both demeaning and pointless: POST A VIDEO OF YOURSELF DANCING LIKE A DANCING PARTY ANIMAL. 


The best videos (in our unassailable taste) will be featured and harshly judged on our birthday this Friday. Happy Dancing! (And don't expect the mists of time to reveal your new level right away. The level gods are busy). 

Embed a YouTube video like this: [youtube=VideoID][/youtube], or just post a link to a Vine, Newsreel, or whatever the heck you want.


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Shameless 'Like'-Mongering

by Sam Kemmis

First Prize - Anne-Marie Roitburd
​Second Prize - Shawn Taheri
​Third Prize - Sean Crooks 
Fourth Prize - Karen Covington
Fifth Prize - Clyde Hutchins
Sixth Prize - Debbie Pritchard
Seventh Prize - Rebecca Duncan 
Eighth Prize - Sarah Butler 


Ever wonder how companies make money on social media? Here's the formula (don't be scared by the math!): 


In that spirit we're happy to announce our first-ever Shameless 'Like'-Mongering Sweepstakes! All you need to do is check our Facebook page, so to the "Shameless Like-Mongering" tab, 'Like' us by following the instructions therein, and you'll be entered for a chance to win some prizes. What prizes, you ask? These prizes! (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 11/27/2013. See Official Rules following these sweet prizes.)

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Wednesday, October 09

The Deal-Hunter Games

by Sam Kemmis

The world of online deals is a vast jungle of unexplored wonder, and deals.wooters are its undauntable explorer. Is undauntable a word? Anyway, deals.woot wants to put your deal-hunting chops to the test with a little something we're calling the DEAL-HUNTER GAMES.

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Monday, September 30

Music Mondays: Song Titles That Are The Band

by Sam Kemmis


Happy Music Monday! It takes a special kind of egomania to be a rock star, and a very special kind of egomania to be a rock star who sings a song about the name of your own band. I'm skemmis, filling in for Scott today, and today's Music Monday is entitled "skemmis's List of Songs Where The Name Of The Band Is In The Song Title, By skemmis. skemmis!" Can you think of any I missed? (I hope so because I don't know very much about music).

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