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Participate In The Employee-Designed T-Shirt Contest!

by Sam Kemmis

Have you ever watched a master pianist play Rachmaninoff's 3rd and thought, "I could do that"? Us too. 

Announcing the first-annual Employee-Designed Shirt Contest, a week-long experiment in hubris and megalomania. We may lack basic Illustrator skills and aesthetic sensibilities, but that didn't stop us from designing our own tees! So come check out our fair-to-middling offerings, and buy one if you feel especially sorry for us. 

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Tuesday, July 16

Woot-Libs! A very [spasmodic] Woot-Off

by Sam Kemmis


Remember that game you played as a kid (that we're not able to name directly for trademark reasons) where you'd fill in the blanks with nouns and adjectives and stuff? For this Woot-Off we're asking you, our loyal denizens, to help us craft some writeups in a similar fashion! It's called Woot-Libs, and it's sure to be an [egregious] time! 

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