Monday, November 30

Music Monday: British-ish

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There was a time when rap was new. And, in that time, for some reason, there were a whole bunch of artists who started using a British accent. So today, in their honor, we're doin' a Music Monday about rapping with a British accent. WARNING: They won't all be Americans.

Dana Dane - Cinderfella Dana Dane


Dana Dane is technically the first rapper to use an "English" accent while rapping. His influence spread wildly, and everyone in my school was staggered that a black guy could also talk British. Yes, that WAS incredibly racist of us, thanks for noticing! At least we kinda grew out of that when we got a little older. This particular song is so beloved that Snoop Dogg recorded his own version as a tribute! Not so bad, Dana.

But that's not all! There's more to come after the jump. Mate.

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Monday, November 23

Music Monday: Fight Fight Fight

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! We're a blog post that promotes peace, but sometime, you just gotta stand up and fight for what you believe in. Today Scott's got five songs to inspire your struggles. BRING IT

Public Enemy - Fight The Power


PE was at the forefront of political hip hop, and they terrified some people. And what was their response? To release one of the best albums of their decade. If you're gonna fight, you gotta bring your best.

The battle continues, after the jump.

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Monday, November 16

Music Monday: Unexpected Cyberpunks

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Some people say that the reason we gave up the cyberpunk genre is that we just caught up with ourselves, and cyberpunk fiction just became plain ol' fiction. In our world full of wi-fi and iPhones, there might be something to that. Today Scott's celebrating the world of cyberpunk with five artists who explored the genre when it was still mostly new. Today, though, it's all just retro-tech.

Billy Idol - Heroin


Billy Idol's brief dive into "cyber" music could have actually been a good thing. In 1993, industrial and techno and all that stuff were actually on the cutting edge, and a Velvet Underground cover wasn't a bad way to start his new career. It was just that, well, he decide to jump in 100% and tell everyone how much of a computer nerd he was, and doing that in 1993 meant the real nerds knew what to ask him. Unlike David Bowie two years later, Billy didn't exactly know how to respond to tech questions at all. And that meant he was pretty much despised by the Usenet hordes who called him a fakerpunk. He never really came back to this persona again.

More unexpected cyberpunks ahead! Can you guess them all? NO. YOU CAN'T. DON'T LIE.

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Monday, November 09

Music Monday: Infinite Jukebox

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's using the Infinite Jukebox to make some magical endless pop songs. What's the Infinite Jukebox, you ask? It'll become super obvious real soon.

Lorelei - Cocteau Twins


As you can see, the Infinite Jukebox makes your song of choice into a loop, then finds connecting points using a threshold you can customize via the "Tune" button. I've found that the most fun comes from crankin' it up to a very high level and letting it go crazy, building a whole new soundscape. With a band like the Cocteau Twins, this can have wonderful effects. But don't worry if you don't like the first attempt, because each play creates a new experience. If at first you aren't impressed, try, try again!

Four more Infinite songs after the jump. And they're gonna get better and better. And pro tip: if it gets stuck, just refresh and start again! Infinity does strange stuff to computers, after all.

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Monday, November 02

Music Monday: Reputation

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Let's talk about the mysteries of the reputation. Scott's gettin' all philosophical today, isn't he?

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation


Reputations are strange things. A bad reputation locks you out of one life, but opens a door into another. Same thing with a sterling reputation! And keep in mind that a reputation may not even be real. It's strange, isn't it? Almost like it's just a big ol' game that other people play on your behalf.

Four more reputable songs ahead. Come and join us!

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Wednesday, October 28


Monday, October 26

Music Monday: Scary Tunes

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! We're all looking to be scared around this time of year, aren't we? If you don't want to be scared, don't come in here! Seriously. Today's Scott's doing a mix full of scary songs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

The Girls - Jeffery I Hear You


Ah, there's nothing like a good old fashion Halloween ghost story, is there? You ask me, more songs should be like this. BOOOOOOOO.

More scary stuff coming up after the jump.

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Friday, October 23

So We Went To The Texas State Fair

by Scott Lydon

Have you ever wondered to yourself "Self, what does the Texas State Fair look like?" well, then, you're about to finally get your answer. Because it looks like this:


Ta da! And now, the post is over. No, no, we're just kidding, there's plenty more, because Scott and former forums superstar ADQ went to see the Texas State Fair this year, and they've got plenty to share with you. After the jump, you'll see food, fun, and a few special gifts! That's right! They brought back some gifts just for you!

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