Monday, March 30

Music Monday: Happy Bat-Birthday

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! You might have known that Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27. And you might have known that the cover of that issue read "May 1939." But did you know that comics often lied about those cover dates for years and years? And did you know that Detective Comics #27 first came out on March 29th, 1939? Holy... um... oh, we don't do that any more? Aw, shucks.

Anyway, Scott's celebrating the tragic death of Tom and Martha with a special bat-focused Music Monday today. Join in, won't you?

Snoop Dogg - Batman & Robin


The idea of the anti-hero and his protege is perfect for the hip hop game, so it's no wonder Snoop embraced the concept fully. Also you'll note his groovy sample, right? And props for the POW! BAM! BIFF! A worth tribute to the Dark Knight.

More to come, same bat-post, after the bat-jump.

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Monday, March 23

Music Monday: Songs Of Madness

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Spring has always brought with it a sort of insanity, so today Scott's chosen to collect five songs of madness. Join him in the crazed bacchanalia that is this week's Music Monday! IEEEEEE!

David Bowie - All The Madmen


So clearly this is David Bowie playing Syd Barrett, yeah? This skewed look at madness comes from a guy who had his own issues with being homo-superior over the years, so it carries a hint of authenticity. Also it's great.

It only gets nuttier from here, everyone! See you down the rabbit hole after the jump...

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Monday, March 16

Music Monday: Beware The Ides Of March

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! The Ides of March are traditionally when Caesars get a little nervous. After all, it was in the Ides that Julius Caesar was murdered by... aw, we all read the play in high school. Today's Music Monday is a tribute to all the great Caesars of days past. We who are about to rock salute you!

AC/DC - Hail Caesar


Julius Caesar is the Caesar most of us think of first, but remember, Caesar is a title, not a surname. Really, anyone with the vision, the drive, and the focus to crush everyone in their way could become a Caesar. What do you think "Czar" really means?

Ave, Caesar! More hails await you after the jump.

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Monday, March 09

Music Monday: Happy Birthday John Cale

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There aren't many composers who can go from fronting the seminal punk band to playing what many would describe as classical music. John Cale has never stopped making music that's interesting and exciting, and seeing how today's the date of his birth, Scott's decided to pay this cool guy a little tribute. Perhaps you can join in, eh?

The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray NSFW due to elementary school-style body part talk your boss might not like


The debate with John Cale isn't where to mention the Velvet Underground, it's when. Do you close with it? Do you lead with it? I just decided to throw this beloved game-changing song in at the very start. Lou Reed gets most of the credit for being up front, but try to imagine this song without John Cale's organ. YOU CAN'T.

More like John Cale hits inside, after the jump.

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Monday, March 02

Music Monday: 3-2-1 Count

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! 3. 2. 1. 5. Well, it's not perfect, but it's as close to a countdown and we're gonna get for a while. So today, Scott's choosing 5 songs that count. Three, two one... GO!

Peter Schilling - Major Tom


Four, three, two, one! Of course, this song is also a sorta-cover of Space Oddity, just in case there's anyone left who didn't know that.

More to come after the jump. Count on it.

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Monday, February 23

Music Monday: Opera

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Opera is often considered to be complex, hard to get into, overly dramatic... and that's all wrong wrong wrong. Scott's here to set you all straight with five lovely opera pieces that you will enjoy. Or else.

Jacques Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffmann - Barcarolle


Let's start with a setting here: the day after having his heart broken by an underage robot, the writer awakes in a whore-covered tavern where his muse is protecting him. No, that's not the start of a new Warren Ellis anime! That's the second act of "The Trials Of Hoffman" and it's like an opera MADE for comic book nerds! Where you at, Christopher Nolan? Why can't you do for this what you did for Batman! Also, the music is lovely, as you'll see when you listen to the above video.

Can you believe there's still more to come? Well, there is. Come inside and enjoy.

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Monday, February 16

Music Monday: Heartbreak Soul

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! The holiday season is now official over! Well, until October, at least. So let's purge those sad and lonely feelings from our hearts today so we can get on with enjoying the spring and summer. Scott's got five songs about heartbreak, just to wrap things up on V-Day.

Issac Hayes - Walk On By


What really makes this song is the slow, passionate build-up. It's like watching two people have a fight on the other side of a window. You can't hear what they're saying, but you know what's ending. By the time the lyrics start, you just wanna buy poor ol' Issac a beer.

More inside, right after the jump.

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Monday, February 09

Music Monday: Sappy Pre-Valentine's Day Love Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Look, everybody's got room in their heart for some sappy over-produced love songs this time of year. Don't fight it. Adore it. Scott's picked five of his favorites, presented in no particular order, to get us started off.

Jessie Ware - You & I (Forever)


Jessie Ware's got a wonderful voice, but it's not really showcased here. And yet, this whole song works so well, doesn't it? By downplaying her skills bit, we get a half-whispered tribute to the person who you want right in front of your face. And it's so sweet, and so good.

We've got four more chocolates in the box, after the jump.

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Monday, February 02

Music Monday: Songs About The Radio

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Radio is often hated on, but is that really radio's fault? A few dumb corporations might have dulled it down, but it still can be a vital medium. Today Scott's paying tribute to the glory of radio.

Peter Gabriel - On The Air


Before there was the Internet, there was radio! A freak with a good voice could be loved by millions and yet walk invisibly through a crowd if they didn't talk. Peter Gabriel's song mixes the thrill and loss that comes from being known and unknown at the same time. Sorta like working here, really. :(

More to come after the jump.

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Monday, January 26

Music Monday: The Manson Conviction

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today, in 1971, Charles Manson and his girls were found guilty of the Tate-LaBianca murders and sent to prison. Charles Manson was kinda the only rock star-friendly serial killer, since he was gently connected to the music scene before heading out into the desert with his followers. There might be more music connected to him than to any other killer (excepting Jerry Lee Lewis, of course) so today we're gonna pay tribute to his conviction. Unusual? Possibly. Historically interesting? Very much so.

The Beach Boys - Never Learn Not To Love


Who wrote this song on paper? Why, Dennis Wilson, of course! It's just a coincidence that it sounds weirdly similar this Charles Manson song that Manson wrote while staying at the Dennis Wilson house. You can probably guess that the Beach Boys have never played this one on the White House lawn. Wonder why, huh?

There's more historical discussion to come, after the jump.

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